Moving Wooster Forward

Since assuming the presidency in July 2016, Bolton and her leadership team have begun a thoughtful, inclusive strategic planning process that will steward Wooster’s core strengths and commitments while charting a course forward.

Some thoughts on what sets Wooster apart

President Bolton releases statement on diversity and affirmative action

“On Tuesday, the federal Education and Justice Departments revoked several sets of prior guidance regarding diversity and affirmative action. I have been asked whether these revocations will alter our commitments to strengthening diversity, equity and inclusion at Wooster. They will not. We will continue to pursue these commitments with urgency, using the approaches we’ve developed together.” Read the full statement.

President Bolton on Wooster as an international campus

“In the wake of this week’s Supreme Court decision affirming presidential authority to restrict immigration from certain countries, as well as the ongoing turmoil along our southern border, I write to affirm the immense importance of internationality at the College of Wooster, and to remind all international and immigrant members of our community that you are welcome, and deeply valued, here.” Read the full statement.

A Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The College of Wooster has long held the understanding that students’ best opportunities for learning take place when they study in a community that spans a wide range of experiences, traditions, perspectives and beliefs. That commitment is embodied in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, adopted in 2017. You can read that plan here.