Colleges That Change Lives 2013-2014 cover

Colleges That Change Lives

When Colleges That Change Lives was first published in 1996, author and former New York Times education editor Loren Pope called Wooster “my original best-kept secret in higher education.” Over the past 16 years, the book has become a trusted guide for students and families eager to look beyond the hype and hyperventilation of the annual college rankings. And the new edition, completely rewritten for 2013, says Wooster is “one of the country’s finest educational establishments.”

What parents say about Colleges That Change Lives:

“Reminded me that small liberal arts colleges are still…the best places for 18-year-olds to start finding their way in the world.”

“CTCL’s message is that the process is about ‘fit’ and finding the right school, not putting a square peg in a round hole.”

“It gave me permission to let her focus on schools with fewer than 2,000 students that aren’t necessarily the most well known.”

“It was our Michelin guide for college trips.”

What Colleges That Change Lives says about Wooster:

“A hotbed of creative and analytical thinking”

“The level of interaction between students and professors is sky high.”

“The quintessential college campus, beautiful and evocative – and getting better every day”

“Professors infuse every course with the a set of skills students must master to be successful researchers: They learn to frame questions, identify reliable sources, analyze primary documents, practice methodologies, and write cogently – precisely the skills that are invaluable in the workplace and graduate school.”

“Unlike many places, where opportunities to conduct original research are exclusive to the top performers, Wooster sets the standard high for everyone.”

“The college is built on the idea that every student has untapped potential and that the college – by way of teaching and mentoring – helps identify that potential and draw it out to its fullest…Wooster has figured out how to foster students’ ambition (and in some cases, to unearth it first) without generating an atmosphere of competition. One person’s victory doesn’t come at another’s expense.”

“Wooster is a forward-looking place, but the campus comes with a long list of quirky traditions…it’s an all-for-one-and-one-for-all kind of place.”

“All of these elements of the Wooster experience – dedicated faculty, an opportunity to conduct original research, a spirited culture, and administrators who prioritize student well-being – contribute to a happy student body.”