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Trent Dunn

Louisville, Kentucky
Major: English

At a time when liberal arts colleges and universities are being scrutinized for their role in preparing students for life after graduation, schools like The College of Wooster are accelerating efforts to provide networking opportunities that will help them enhance their options.

Take Trent Dunn, for example. A resident of Louisville, Ky., and a junior English major at Wooster, Dunn spent the summer working for Stephen Gault, a Wooster alumnus and member of its Board of Trustees, as well as the owner of a highly successful commercial real estate business.

Dunn was responsible for showing properties, recording dimensions of new buildings, meeting with clients, writing property reports, researching comparative properties, and monitoring market factors, such as traffic counts or zoning. "Pretty much I gathered info and organized it to help [Mr. Gault] or any of the other brokers make a better decision," he says.

After Wooster, Dunn plans to pursue a law degree at the University of Louisville in order to work as an environmental lawyer. "My internship will absolutely be of use for law school," said Dunn. "Lawyers are always in the background of the deals that the Stephen C. Gault Company makes, so by having this internship I am gaining a business perspective into the world of law."

When asked why he chose to attend Wooster, Dunn admitted that he didn't know a thing about the school when he accepted admission. "I received a phone call one day from Coach (Zach) Dennis asking me to come for an overnight because he wanted me to play football for him," he said. "After meeting my future teammates, my decision was made pretty quickly."

Dunn could not be happier about his choice. He considers Wooster to be a place that provides its students with the potential to change the world, and he finds that very exciting. "Wooster has broadened my thinking and allowed me to realize that everything in the world is connected," he says. "It has also, obviously, introduced me to alumni and created wonderful opportunities for me. My football teammates, professors, and coaches have all pushed my limits. I have become a better person for it."

- Story by Libby Fackler '13

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