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Jeremy Ludemann

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Major: Communication Studies

Jeremy Ludemann came to The College of Wooster with the perfect predisposition for a liberal arts education — an open mind, a passion for learning, and a desire to experience as much as he could in four years.

Ludemann's journey led him in a number of directions: first history, then speech-language pathology, and finally communication studies where he discovered the joy of radio. "I took the broadcast workshop with Dr. (Ahmet) Atay, and it really got me interested in radio," says Ludemann, a graduate of Myrtle Beach High School in Myrtle Beach, S.C. "I was fascinated by the history, the station, and the equipment, and I came to the realization that (radio) is what I want to do."

Ludemann quickly became involved with the college's station, WCWS 90.9 FM, and even joined the management team during the second semester of his first year at Wooster. The following year, he signed up for a 90-minute morning show five days a week.

This fall, Ludemann will assume the role of general manager during what he calls "the most exciting time" in the station's history. "We are moving from a secluded building (Wishart Hall) to the center of our campus (Lowry Center)," he says. "This will give us amazing visibility; it is the best possible location for us."

Ludemann describes the opportunity to lead the station in the coming year as a great challenge. "I'm really honored," he says. "It's a new future, and everyone on our staff will have a role. People are very excited and interested in what we're doing."

And no one is more excited than Ludemann, who has logged more on-air hours than any other Wooster student during the past two years. While most students have one show per week, Ludemann, a.k.a. "The Bear," has been rising early for his morning show for the last three semesters, and he has attracted a noteworthy following, including an Amish family that calls him from time to time.

The ever eloquent, always enthusiastic Ludemann is not only audible across campus, but he is also quite visible. Last Christmas he asked for and received a pair of bright yellow corduroy pants from his parents, which he wears to every sporting event and various special occasions on campus. "I wear them because I am proud of my school," he says, unashamedly.

Ludemann first heard about Wooster through his affiliation with the Presbyterian Church, but admits that, like many others, he thought it was in Massachusetts. "When I checked it out online, I was very impressed with what was offered, especially Independent Study," Wooster's nationally acclaimed, mentored undergraduate research experience.

During the past three years, Ludemann has done his best to take advantage of all that Wooster has to offer. "Wooster inspires students to become lifelong learners and teachers," he says, "to use one's talents to serve others, and to make a difference."

Ludemann will no doubt make a difference when he leaves Wooster, and there's a good chance it will be on the radio, where he will be able to reach the masses, while always keeping Wooster close to his heart.

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