Q: Why should I recycle?

A: There are countless reasons to recycle, like reducing landfill-caused pollution, the trash-loops in the oceans, and the energy needs of the packaging industry. For the college, recycling disposal costs 3-4 times less than waste disposal. Money saved here can be better spent elsewhere.

Q: What is single stream recycling?

A: Single stream recycling is a system that allows customers to mix a variety of recyclable items such as paper, plastic, and glass all in one bin. At the recycling plant, mechanized devices sort the materials so that you don’t have to. A single stream recycling program is currently in place at COW; as long as you put your recyclables into a recycling container you do not have to sort them (Note: recyclables placed in trash containers will NOT be recycled. In addition, please DO NOT put any trash into a designated recycling container).

Q: Where can I find recycling containers at COW?

A: Blue bins (.pdf) (the containers are a variety of shapes and sizes) marked with the recycling emblem are located throughout interior spaces on campus. Recycling receptacles are also located in exterior spaces throughout campus for your convenience--just look for the blue lids! In addition, feel free to toss your recyclables into the recycling dumpsters marked by a yellow stripe and recycling stickers. Ask your area’s custodian for additional bins where necessary.

Q: What can I recycle at COW?

A: Here is a list of acceptable and unacceptable materials.

Q: Who can I contact to get more information about recycling at COW?

A: If you have questions or would like to learn more about recycling at Wooster please contact Campus Recycling

Q: How do I dispose of batteries?

A: If you live in a Residential Hall, there is a container labeled for used batteries in the laundry room. If you are in any other buildings, please email us for a scheduled pick up.

Q: What do I do if I have a fluorescent light bulb?

A: Bring this request to the attention of the Custodial Staff in your building for proper disposal.

Q: How do I dispose of a computer and/or an electronic devise?

A: Deposit accepted items in the brown electronics bin in your Res Hall lounge or the Wired Scot. Other items can be brought to I.T. on the 4th floor of Morgan.

Q: What about compostable materials and food?

A: Compostable materials (.pdf) can be deposited in compost bins outside of Lowry’s main entrance and behind Mom’s Truck Stop.