Parent Engagement Opportunities

Level One: One Hour, Once a Year

APEX Summer Fellows & Internship Program: offer APEX Fellows and students in summer internships a professional Wooster contact in the location of their internship.
Point Person: Ryan Ozar

Practice Interview Program: offer practice interviews in person or by Skype to current students preparing for a summer job or full-time employment.
Point Person: Ashleigh Musyt Best

Level Two: Two Hours to One Academic Year

Scots Career Network, Parent Mentor: provide currently enrolled students an opportunity to develop a professional network of contacts through a LinkedIn group.
Point Person: Lisa Kastor

Wooster Exclusive Jobs & Internships: post jobs/internships to WooLink and/or other appropriate distribution to select students. 
Point Person: Ashleigh Musyt Best

WooLive: Parent Talks: share up-to-date trends, advice, and answer questions about your field and industry.
Point Person: Marylou LaLonde

Field Expert: become a featured parent on the Career Planning website. Commit to at least one semester or one academic year.
Point Person: Ashleigh Musyt Best