AMRE/SE Network

AMRE/Social Entrepreneurship Network

Applied Methods and Research Experience (AMRE) team is interested in implementing a professional networking system for current and former AMRE and Social Entrepreneurship (SE) participants. This system will enable AMRE/SE students, faculty advisors, clients and alumni to communicate and stay informed about the current AMRE/SE activities. It will also provide current students with career-related guidance and support. Further, this system may initiate career networking programs, events, workshops and opportunities as well as provide potential for new AMRE/SE projects.

The AMRE team conducted a survey which was sent to 150 former AMRE and SE participants. Out of the 150 surveys 81 responses were received. We appreciate the enthusiasm of our responders who are extremely willing to join us in our new venture.

From our responses, we see that 63% of our participants prefer the Network to be hosted on an ‘outside professional networking’ system. From the existing set of professional networking systems, LinkedIn is the best venue for hosting the Network. Thirty-six of our responders are already members of LinkedIn, which has a reputation for business-oriented professional networking.

LinkedIn will be our primary and interactive network interface while Facebook and The College of Wooster AMRE webpage will provide additional information about the Network, events, and news.

Want more information?

John Ramsay, Director, AMRE
The College of Wooster
(330) 263-2579