APEX advisor works with student

Learning Center

We support students in developing academic skills, learning about resources, and gaining the confidence needed to navigate college. Our commitment to providing academic assistance is balanced with a developmental approach that requires student engagement and responsibility in their academic experience.

We will work 1:1 with you to develop personalized strategies to enhance effective learning. Whether you are a student experiencing academic difficulty or a straight-A student, we are here to help you achieve your academic goals.

Make an Appointment

Need to speak with someone about your academic challenges? A variety of items can be addressed by making a 1:1 appointment at the Learning Center including academic management, disability support, and academic resources.

Academic Management

Need help with time management, creating a study plan or test-taking strategies? We can work together to improve your skills and become a proactive and independent learner.

Disability Support Services

Are you seeking information and support for your disability? By working together, we can determine appropriate academic accommodations and services at the collegiate level.

Peer Tutoring

Are you looking for additional help with a specific class? Peer tutors can help you understand assignments, explain the key concepts, offer feedback and share resources.

Programs and Workshops

Looking for something more? We host a variety of programs and workshops throughout the academic year that focus on ways to improve your academic management. Check out the APEX event calendar for more information!