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Academic Focus Program

Our Academic Focus Program (AFP) focuses on first-year football players and their academic acclimation to college. The purpose of AFP is to 1) implement studying/homework time into their daily routine and 2) connect them to academic resources as soon as classes begin. Since AFP started in 2010, we have seen a significant increase in the football team GPA.

Operation Tootsie Roll

Operation Tootsie Roll is designed for Senior students working on their Independent Study projects (I.S.). In collaboration with the Writing Center and Library, our program connects Seniors to specific resources and planning tools to help them successfully complete this long term project.

Wooster 101

Wooster 101 is a series of workshops designed for first-year students with a focus on transitioning to college, honing study skills and developing a rich educational plan. Within the series, the Learning Center offers workshops on time management, studying for tests and reading skills. Check out the Wooster 101 schedule on the APEX calendar.

Walk-In Wednesdays

The Learning Center is part of the APEX Walk-In Wednesdays. You can come to APEX on Wednesdays from 1:30PM-4:00PM without an appointment and speak with an APEX staff member about academic, experiential and career planning resources.