APEX Staff

APEX Staff

Robyn M. Laditka

Pre-Health and Academic Support Advisor

Marina Rosales

Event Planner, Entrepreneurship

Vikki Briggs

AMRE Program Coordinator

Ashleigh Musyt Best

Associate Director of Career Planning

Kate Gullatta

Associate Director of The Learning Center

Lucinda Sigrist

Administrative Coordinator for Career Planning

Amber Larson

Director of The Learning Center

Broede Armstrong

Assistant to the Registrar

Denise Rotavera-Krain

Administrative Coordinator

Kristine Jamieson

Associate Registrar

Lisa Kastor

Director of Career Planning

Michelle L. Johnson

Associate Professor

Krista Martin

Administrative Coordinator for APEX

Jamie Adler

Assistant Director of Off-Campus Study

Jenni Griffin

Dean of APEX

Matthew Wright

Program Coordinator, APEX

Peter Abramo

Director of Entrepreneurship

Angela L. Bos

Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning

Cathy McConnell

Senior Associate Director of Experiential Learning and Academic Advising

Ryan Ozar

Director of Experiential Learning

Dana Smith

Entrepreneurship Intern

Carla Reyes

Assistant Director, Learning Center

Connie Pattin

Academic Records Assistant for Registrar (Part Time)

Linda Weaver

Culture, Academics and Language Consultant

Kaylynne Mahone

Assistant Director of the Learning Center

Marylou LaLonde

Assistant Director of Career Planning

Suzanne Bates


Candace Chenoweth

Director of Off-Campus Study