Collage of students working on I.S. projects

Independent Study

The Senior Independent Study is the most intensive project that studio art and art history majors encounter during their time at Wooster. Each student works one-on-one with a faculty mentor to conceive, organize, and complete a significant project on a topic of the student’s choosing. It is the culmination of the efforts made during their entire college experience and showcases their ability to think critically and independently and to effectively express ideas. Planning what one wants to do, understanding what is possible to do, and managing one’s resources and time all factor into the success of the Senior I.S. project.

The Studio Art and Art History I.S. both develop abilities highly valued by employers and graduate schools alike: creative thinking, independent judgment, analytical ability, and strong written, oral, and visual communication skills.

Art Studio Independent Study

The Independent Study in Art Studio is a creative, individualized program that integrates techniques, artistic concepts, and critiques as a preparatory experience for the senior project. Each student engages in the creation of a body of artwork and independent research which concludes as a one-person exhibition, a written thesis, and an oral examination. The week-long, independent exhibitions are held in the MacKenzie Gallery, Ebert Hall. Work is then selected for a group exhibition in The College of Wooster Art Museum (CWAM).

Explore the recent Art Studio Senior Independent Study projects at the collective portfolio site.

Art History Independent Study

The Independent Study in Art History focuses on current methods used in art historical research, various approaches historians have employed in studying works of art, extensive use of library resources, and in-depth writing about art. Students develop and expand their familiarity with the terms and general discourse used to establish a shared understanding of the creative works of humans. Each student engages in creative and independent research guided by a faculty mentor which culminates in a thesis and an oral examination.

To get an idea of the diversity of our Art History program, browse a sampling of recent Art History I.S. Projects (.pdf). See the full text of Art History Senior Independent Study and Studio I.S. at the Library's Openworks site.