James R. Wilson

James R. Wilson


James R. Wilson Lecture Series

Endowed in 2001 by James R. and Linda R. Wilson, the James R. Wilson Lecture Series in Business Economics brings business and financial leaders to the Wooster campus to share their insights with students, faculty, and the broader community.

Upcoming Lecture

  • William Espey (.pdf), Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle Mexican Grill

Past Lecturers

We are fortunate to have brought a number of prominent business leaders with the support of this program, including:

  • 2018 (Spring) - Robbie Bach (.pdf), Former Senior Vice President of Microsoft.
  • 2017 (Spring) - James Dicke II (.pdf), Chairman and CEO of Crown Equipment Corporation. Read the press release.
  • 2016 (Fall) - Milton Ezrati (.pdf), Former Senior Economist and Market Strategist Lord Abbett Funds. Read the press release
  • 2016 (Spring) - Walt W. Bettinger II, CEO at The Charles Schwab Corporation. Read the press release
  • 2015 (Fall) - H.J. Markley '72(.pdf), Retired executive vice president of John Deere. Read the press release
  • 2015 (Spring) - Michelle Stacy (.pdf), Former President of Keurig, Inc.
  • 2014 (Fall) - Thomas A. Russo (.pdf), Managing Member of Gardner, Russo & Gardner
  • 2014 (Spring) - Sandra Pianalto (.pdf), President, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
  • 2013 (Spring) - Marshall Larsen, Chairman, President and CEO or Goodrich Company
  • 2012 (Fall) -Howard Putnam, CEO of Southwest Airlines
  • 2012 (Spring) - Joan Carter '65, President, UM Holdings (Cybex)
  • 2011 (Spring) - John A. Allison, Chairman and CEO, BB&T Corporation
  • 2011 (Fall) - Jeffrey L. Keefer '74, Executive Vice President and Former CFO, DuPont Corporation
  • 2010 (Spring) - Dr. Craig Barrett, CEO, Intel Corporation
  • 2008 - Mark Sniderman, Executive VP, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
  • 2007 (Spring) - David D. Fleming, Group Senior VP, Genzyme Corporation
  • 2006 (Spring) - James W. Griffith, President & CEO, The Timken Company
  • 2006 (Fall) - Alan P. Fournier,Managing Partner,Pennant Capital Management
  • 2005 (Spring) - Katharine Lee Reid, Director, The Cleveland Museum of Art
  • 2005 (Fall) - Donald L. Kohn, Vice Chairman, U.S. Federal Reserve
  • 2004 - Morton Kamien, Levy Professor of Entrepreneurship, Northwestern University and Director of the Heiser Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
  • 2003 - Peter Guber,CEO, Mandalay. Former CEO, Sony Entertainment.
  • 2002 - Preston Martin, Former Vice Chairman, United States Federal Reserve