Grading Criteria

Grading Scale

  • Honors
  • Good
  • Satisfactory
  • No Credit

The grade is assigned by the advisor in consultation with the second reader, any off-campus advisor, and the Department of Chemistry faculty. The student's performance in the actual experimental project counts for at least half of the total grade. The rest of the grade is determined by the thesis, oral examination, poster, and senior seminar.

To receive a grade of HONORS, a student must do an outstanding job in each of the categories listed above.

A grade of GOOD is received when a student does an outstanding job in all but one of the categories listed above.

A grade of SATISFACTORY is a respectable and the normal grade for a Senior Independent Study project. Just as the name suggests, it indicates the successful completion of the project in a creditable manner.

Considerations in Assigning Grades


  • Amount of Effort
  • Understanding
  • Quality of Work
  • Results Obtained
  • Independence
  • Record Keeping
  • Intellectual Ownership


  • Literature Surveyed
  • Construction
  • Experimental Data Clearly Presented
  • Analysis of Results
  • Final Form
  • Independence

Oral Examination

  • Understanding of Literature
  • Understanding of Problem
  • Understanding of Results
  • Breadth

Senior Seminar

  • Presentation of Seminar
  • Attendance at Seminars


  • Aesthetics
  • Scientific Merit