Each student will present a seminar based on their thesis topic during the fall semester. An abstract of the seminar is to be posted in Severance Hall. Each speaker is encouraged to incorporate visual aids into his or her seminar. The seminar will last no longer than 12 minutes. Time will be set aside after the talk for questions and discussion. Abstracts should include a title, list of authors (including advisor) and text.  It can include reactions, structures, or equations, within reason.  The abstract should not include referrences.

Begin the seminar by giving a brief review of the pertinent literature related to the thesis topic.

The body of the talk should contain the experiments and techniques that will be used to conduct the research. Show equations, structures, and diagrams of the apparatus to be used, and indicate analytical tools that will be used to gather data. Be sure to include comments on what you hope to observe, then report on your experimental results and their significance.

Summarize goals, methods, and results to date, and state what is to be done next.