ACM Team

Arpan Roy '16 demonstrates facial modeling at the Senior I.S. Symposium.


Computer Science

Participate in an Evolving Science

Computer Science is the study of computer programs, abstract models of computers, and applications of computing. Computer Science combines elements of mathematics, philosophy, languages, and natural science. Although computing technology is continuously changing, the core skills required to practice Computer Science remain the same: problem solving, abstract thinking, and independent learning.

As computing is increasingly applied to other fields, students in the natural sciences, business and economics, and other majors may benefit from a minor or double major in Computer Science.

The 2016-2017 Department Newsletter (.pdf) for the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is now available.

The 2018 AMRE application is now available for Wooster students.

CONQUER (resources for undergraduate students interested in research, graduate school and research careers in computer science)