Ainslee Robson ’15

Ainslee Robson ’15


Experiential Learning

Our department actively supports students as they seek out internships and other experiential learning opportunities. Departmental faculty members interface closely with the staff of APEX. Each year we host a departmental informational session, so that students can gather ideas and hear from peers who have successfully completed internships.

A number of our students have applied for and received APEX Fellowships to support their participation in unpaid internships in the US and abroad. Here is what some of our APEX Fellowship recipients have to say. Please consult the APEX Fellowship information page for more details on how to apply.

Many of the study abroad programs that our students choose now offer internships. We encourage students to actively explore internship options as they are deciding on a study abroad program.

The Department of French and Francophone Studies provides students with some concrete opportunities for experiential learning. Many of our majors and some of our minors participate in our tutoring program, by providing one-on-one support for students in beginning and intermediate French courses. Students gain valuable teaching experience through this program, and are also paid for each hour of tutoring they complete. Other advanced students choose to work as TAs in upper-level courses in the department. These opportunities are limited and the selection of TAs is the prerogative of individual faculty members. However, students who are interested in being TAs should feel free to approach professors. Faculty members also periodically select students to work as research assistants during the school year or during the summer months.

Please feel free to contact any member of the department for practical advice on internships. We also encourage students to schedule a meeting with the APEX staff during their first years at the College to create an experiential learning plan.