Jardin Varsasilles


The major provides structure and coherence while also preserving flexibility so that students can chart their own way through upper-level courses. The major focuses on the following areas of learning and student growth:

  • Language proficiency in French
  • Critical thinking
  • French/Francophone literature and film
  • French culture, history and society
  • Understanding of the francophone world beyond France
  • Experiential learning

Majors take a minimum of eleven courses beyond the introductory level.

I. The common core consists of the following courses:

  • FREN 201: French Conversation (fall semester)
  • FREN 203: French Composition (spring semester)
  • FREN 216: Advanced French (fall semester)
  • FREN 224: Studies in French/Francophone Culture and Society (spring semester)
  • FREN 220: Introduction to French and Francophone Texts (fall semester)

** Please note: majors may place out of FREN 201, FREN 203, and FREN 216, depending on their high school preparation in French.

II. Majors are required to take a selection of electives (at the 200-level or above) within the department. Please see the course catalogue for a full list of offerings.

III. Study abroad is strongly recommended, without being a formal requirement for the major. Students completing a semester in France or another French-speaking country may count up to four courses taken abroad towards the major. Please refer to the list of College-endorsed study abroad programs.

IV. All majors complete the Independent Study sequence:

  • FREN 401: Junior Independent Study
  • FREN 451: Senior Independent Study
  • FREN 452: Senior Independent Study