Audition on Flute

To gain admission to the B.Mus. in Music Performance (Flute), a student must pass an entrance audition before a faculty jury of three, to be appointed by the chairperson. The audition will occur near the end of the second semester of college and must demonstrate the student’s ability to perform well challenging repertoire representing several historical periods and styles. A student wishing to perform an entrance audition must notify the chairperson in writing at least three weeks prior to the audition. Only after passing the entrance audition may the student declare as a major the B.Mus. in Music Performance (Flute). A prospective candidate for the B.Mus. in Music Performance (Flute) may declare a major in Music prior to the semesters stated above but will be listed as a candidate for the B.A. Music until he or she passes the audition. A student who does not pass the entrance audition in the second semester may have a second opportunity in the third semester.

Repertoire Requirements

Repertoire for entrance into the Bachelor of Music in Performance (Flute) degree program should consist of a total of three contrasting works. The audition should include repertoire from the baroque or classical era, romantic, and 20th century eras. During the four years of study at The College of Wooster, the student should master repertoire chosen from all categories in the representative list below. The student should become familiar with all the repertoire listed, in addition to the in-depth study of particular works.


  • J. S. Bach. Sonatas
  • Handel. Sonatas
  • Telemann. Sonatas and Suite in A minor


  • Haydn. Concerto in D Major
  • Quantz. Concerto in G Major
  • Mozart. Concerti
  • Stamitz. Concerto in G Major


  • Faure. Morceau de Concours
  • Kuhlau. 6 Divertissements
  • Moyse, Louis, ed. Music by French Composers. Includes standard repertoire by Chaminade, Enesco, Gaubert,
  • Taffanel
  • Reinecke. Sonata �Undine�
  • Saint-Saens. Airs de Ballet D'Ascanio
  • Schubert. Introduction, Theme and Variations
  • Schumann. Three Romances

20th Century

  • Bloch. Suite Modale
  • Bozza. Image
  • Burton. Sonatina
  • Casella. Barcarola et Scherzo
  • Copland. Duo
  • Debussy. Syrinx
  • Dutilleux. Sonatine
  • Ferroud. 3 Pieces for Flute
  • Fukushima. Mei
  • Griffes. Poem
  • Hanson. Serenade
  • Hindemith. Sonata
  • Honegger. Danse de la Chevre
  • Hoover. Kokopeili
  • Ibert. Concerto
  • Jolivet. Chant de Linos
  • Kennan. Night Soliloquy
  • Martin. Ballade
  • Martinu. Sonata
  • Massenet. Meditation on �Thais�
  • Muczynski. Sonata
  • Nielsen. Concerto
  • Poulenc. Sonata
  • Prokofiev. Sonata
  • Sancan. Sonatine
  • Taktakishvili. Sonata
  • Varese. Density 21.5

Orchestral Excerpts

  • Baxtresser. Orchestral Excerpts for the Flute


  • Reichert. 7 Daily Exercises
  • Cavally. Melodious and Progressive Studies
  • Clardy. 51 Etudes
  • Maquarre. Daily Exercises for the Flute
  • Moyse. 24 Little Melodic Studies with Variations
  • Paganini. Caprices
  • Taffanel and Gaubert. 17 Daily Exercises
  • Casterede. Douze Etudes
  • Karg-Elert. 30 Caprices
  • Wye. Practice Books