Audition on French Horn

To gain admission to the B.Mus. in Music Performance (French Horn), a student must pass an entrance audition before a faculty jury of three, to be appointed by the chairperson. The audition will occur near the end of the second semester of college and must demonstrate the student’s ability to perform well challenging repertoire representing several historical periods and styles. A student wishing to perform an entrance audition must notify the chairperson in writing at least three weeks prior to the audition. Only after passing the entrance audition may the student declare as a major the B.Mus. in Music Performance (French Horn). A prospective candidate for the B.Mus. in Music Performance (French Horn) may declare a major in Music prior to the semesters stated above but will be listed as a candidate for the B.A. Music until he or she passes the audition. A student who does not pass the entrance audition in the second semester may have a second opportunity in the third semester.

Repertoire Requirements

The following examples of listed repertoire are drawn from all of the main historical periods at a difficulty level suitable to demonstrate the musical and technical proficiency appropriate for B. Mus. in Music Performance (French Horn). This list is not intended to include all works, but to provide a guideline for the level of difficulty expected of students in this level of music performance study. Repertoire for the entrance audition for the B. Mus. in Music Performance should include works (or individual movements) from at least three of these historical periods and should also be as challenging as the works listed below. Proficiency and advanced progress is also expected on standard etude and technical studies, including standard horn orchestral and ensemble literature including all transpositions.


  • Handel, arr. Reynolds. Third Sonate
  • Cherubini. Sonatas Nos. 1 (F major) and 2 (D minor)
  • Corelli. Sonata in F Major
  • Senaille-Eger. Allegro Spiritoso
  • Telemann. Concerto in D


  • Beethoven. Sonata, Op. 17
  • Haydn. Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 in D
  • Mozart. Concertos K. 412, K. 417, K. 447, and K. 495


  • Gliere. Concerto
  • Gliere. Romance, Op. 36
  • Hamilton. Aria
  • Schumann. Adagio and Allegro
  • Rossini. Prelude, Theme et Variation
  • Saint-Saens. Morceau de Concert
  • Strauss, F. Concerto, Op. 8; Nocturne, Op. 7
  • Strauss, R. Concerto, Op. 11


  • Chabrier. Larghetto
  • Dukas. Villanelle


  • Arnold. Fantasy for Horn
  • Bozza. En Foret
  • Hamilton. Aria
  • Heiden. Sonata
  • Hindemith. Concerto, Sonate, and Alto Horn Sonate
  • Jacob. Concerto
  • Larrson. Romanza
  • Musgrave. Music for Horn and Piano
  • Persichetti. Parable for Solo Horn
  • Wilder. Sonata No. 1, 2, and 3, Suite No. 1 and 2