Audition on Saxophone

To gain admission to the B.Mus. in Music Performance (Saxophone), a student must pass an entrance audition before a faculty jury of three, to be appointed by the chairperson. The audition will occur near the end of the second semester of college and must demonstrate the student’s ability to perform well challenging repertoire representing several historical periods and styles. A student wishing to perform an entrance audition must notify the chairperson in writing at least three weeks prior to the audition. Only after passing the entrance audition may the student declare as a major the B.Mus. in Music Performance (Saxophone). A prospective candidate for the B.Mus. in Music Performance (Saxophone) may declare a major in Music prior to the semesters stated above but will be listed as a candidate for the B.A. Music until he or she passes the audition. A student who does not pass the entrance audition in the second semester may have a second opportunity in the third semester.

Repertoire Requirements

For entrance into the Bachelor of Music in Performance (Saxophone), the saxophone student should choose two contrasting pieces (or two contrasting movements of a piece) similar to those listed below. The student should also demonstrate familiarity with all major scales.


  • Ferling, Wilhelm-Franz. Quarante-huit (48) Etudes
  • Lacour, Guy. 50 Etudes faciles et progressives, Vol. 2
  • Meriot, Michel. Vingt-huit (28) pieces varies, Vol. 2

Solo repertoire

  • Bach, Johann Sebastian. Sonata No. 6
  • Bach, J. S. Suites (originally for unaccompanied cello)
  • Bozza, Eugene. Improvisation et Caprice
  • Corigliano, James. Serenade and Rondo
  • Creston, Paul. Sonata, Op. 19
  • Debussy, Claude. Syrinx
  • Eccles, Henri. Sonata
  • Glazunov, Alexandr. Concerto
  • Handel, Georg Frediric. Sonate in Sol Mineur (soprano or tenor)
  • Handel, G. F. First Sonate
  • Heiden, Bernard. Solo, Sonata
  • Hindemith, Paul. Sonata (in English)
  • Jolivet, Andre. Fantasie-impromptu
  • Lantier, Pierre. Sicilienne
  • Marcello, Alessandro (or Benedetto). Concerto in C minor (soprano or tenor)
  • Platti, Giovanni. Sonata in G Major (soprano or tenor)
  • Schmidt, William. Sonatina (soprano or tenor)
  • Tcherepnine, Alexandre. Sonatine Sportive
  • Teal, Larry (ed.). Solos for the Alto Saxophone Player
  • Teal, Larry (ed.). Solos for the Tenor Saxophone Player
  • Vivaldi, Antonio. Sonata in G minor (soprano or tenor)

During the four years of study in the degree program Bachelor of Music in Music Performance (Saxophone), a varied repertoire should be chosen from pieces similar to those listed below. The list is not intended to be exhaustive. For the Senior I. S. Recital, the student should perform at least once piece that requires extended technique (multiphonics, altissimo, flutter tonguing, etc.).

Etudes and method books

  • Dubois, Pierre-Max. 17 Etudes dansantes
  • Dubois, P.. 16 Etudes brillantes
  • Ferling, Wilhelm-Franz. Quarante-huit (48) Etudes
  • Lacour, Guy. Vingt-huit (28) etudes (Sur les modes a transpositions d'Olivier Messiaen)
  • Lauba, Christian. 9 Etudes
  • Londeix, Jean-Marie. Les gammes conjointes et en intervalles
  • Londeix, J. Gammes et modes
  • Mule, Marcel. Cinquante-trois (53) etudes
  • Piazzolla, Astor. Tango-etudes
  • Prati, Hubert. Echelles modales
  • Sinta, Donald and Denise Dabney. Voicing: An approach to the saxophone's third register

Solo repertoire

  • Albright, William. Sonata
  • Anderson, Garland. Sonata (tenor)
  • Bassett, Leslie. Duo Concertante
  • Bencriscutto, Frank. Serenade
  • Benson, Warren. Concertino (Aeolian Song)
  • Bonneau, Paul. Caprice en forme de valse
  • Boutry, Roger. Divertimento, Serenade
  • Bozza, Eugene. Impromptu et danse
  • Cowell, Henry. Air and Scherzo
  • Creston, Paul. Sonata, Op. 19; Concerto, Op. 26
  • Cunningham, Michael G. Trigon, Op. 31 (tenor)
  • Dahl, Ingolf. Concerto
  • Debussy, Claude. Rhapsodie
  • Denisov, Edison. Deux pieces; Sonate
  • Desenclos, Alfred. Prelude, cadence et finale
  • Dubois, Pierre-Max. Pieces caracteristiques en forme de suite
  • Francaix, Jean. Cinq danses exotiques
  • Glazunov, Alexandr. Concerto
  • Gotkovski, Ida. Brillance
  • Husa, Karl. Elegie et rondeau
  • Ibert, Jacques. Concertino da camera
  • Karlins, William. Music (tenor)
  • Lennon, John Anthony. Distances Within Me
  • Martin, Frank. Ballade
  • Maslanka, David. Sonata
  • Maurice, Paule. Tableaux de provence
  • Milhaud, Darius. Scaramouche
  • Muczynski, Robert. Sonata, Op. 29
  • Noda, Ryo. Improvisations I, II, III; Mai
  • Ott, David. Concerto; Concerto No. 2
  • Pascal, Claude. Sonatine
  • de Pasquale, James. Sonata (tenor)
  • Robert, Lucie. Sonate, Rhapsodie, Cadenza
  • Rogers, Rodney. Lessons of the Sky
  • Ronkin, Bruce and Robert Frascotti (eds.). The Orchestral Saxophonist
  • Rorem, Ned. Picnic on the Marne
  • Rueff, Jeanine. Concertino, Sonate
  • Sancan, Pierre. Lamento et rondo
  • Stockhausen, Karlheinz. In Freundschaft
  • Telemann, Georg Philipp. Sonata in C minor (soprano or tenor)
  • Tower, Joan. Wings
  • Udell, Budd. Elegie and Ecossaise (tenor)
  • Vaughan Williams, Ralph. Six Studies in English Folk-Song
  • Villa-Lobos, Heitor. Fantasia (soprano or tenor)