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Success After Wooster

Wooster graduates with degrees in Neuroscience have chosen careers in a broad range of fields, from medicine, biological research, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, environmental law, exercise physiology, and cytotechnology, to art illustration, teaching, wildlife and fisheries management, evolutionary biology, and public health. Over half our graduates go on to continue their education at professional schools such as medical, veterinary, dental, or nursing schools at schools like Case Western, The Ohio State University, or Washington University (St. Louis) or in graduate programs at universities such as Yale, Michigan, UC Davis, UCLA, Columbia, Harvard, George Washington University, and Duke.

Carolyn Cahill '11

After completing two years of AmeriCorps service with College Possible in the Twin Cities, Carolyn started working as a research specialist at the American Academy of Neurology in Minneapolis, MN.

Hanna Yousuf '12

After graduating from Wooster in 2012, Hannah began working at the Indiana University School of Medicine - South Bend as a Research Assistant in a lab that conducted research on brain circuits involved in stress, anxiety and depression. She has just started the Ph.D. program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her current research is focused on brain circuits involved in cocaine addiction.

Greg Norris '13

Greg is currently in his second year at the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix.

Rebecca Lang '12

Rebecca just finished nursing school at Case Western Reserve University and earned a Master of Nursing degree. She now works as a Registered Nurse at Cleveland Clinic on the neuroscience floor, which covers neu-rology and neurosurgery services.