Philosophy Roundtable 2016-2017


Philosophy Events

Philosophy Roundtable Schedule 2016-2017

Philosophy Roundtable is held at 11:00 a.m. in Scovel 105, unless otherwise stated. Roundtable lunch will follow in Kittredge Dining Hall.

Date Presentation
Aug 25 Convocation, 11:05 a.m.
Sept 1 Senior I.S. Proposals. Mandatory Philosophy Majors Meeting. Scovel 105
Sept 8 Dr. Alexandra Bradner, Visiting Assistant Professor at Kenyon College presents "How Contexts Constrain Possibility Spaces: A Pragmatic Account of Explanation Generation"
Sept 15 Dr. Lee McBride, Associate Professor, The College of Wooster presents "Anger and Approbation"
Sept 22 Dr. Desiree Weber, Assistant Professor, The College of Wooster presents "Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations: Pedagogy and Therapy as Method"
Sept 29 Dr. Mark Wells, Visiting Assistant Professor present "The Role of Prudence in a Life Worth Living"
Oct 6 Senior I.S. presentation by Cassandra Huye, "Love & Consent Ethics"
Oct 6 Eleventh Lindner Lecture in Ethics presents Stephen Darwall of Yale University in Lean Lecture room of Wishart Hall, 7:30 p.m.
Oct 7 Eleventh Lindner Lecture in Ethics - Author Meets Critics, Scovel Hall, room 205 at 11:00 a.m.
Oct 13 Fall Break - No Roundtable
Oct 20 Senior I.S. presentation by Chloe Browne, "Plato and Kant: Insults and Dignity"
Oct 27 Senior I.S. presentation by Peter Olson, "Where is God?: Royce, Kierkegaard, and the Spirit of God at the Mega-Church"
Nov 3 Senior I.S. presentation by Adam McDonough
Nov 10 Senior I.S. presentation by Dorian Boye-Doe, "Measuring Seam Allowance: Examining the Social Force of Sartorial Agency"
Nov 17 Senior I.S. presentation by Zach Phillips-Gary, "Are Virtual Things Real?: An Investigation into the Metaphysics of Virtual Reality"
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Break - No Roundtable
Dec 1 Senior I.S. presentation by Milo Davis, "Investigating Meaning in our Lives"
Dec 8 Noon to 1:00 p.m. Holiday Luncheon - No Roundtable
Winter Break
Jan 19 Senior I.S. presentations: Matthew Buranosky presents "Appraising the Semantics of Transfinite Numbers" and Daniel Lynch presents Insurrection against Oppression: Civil Violence as Ethical Protest"
Jan 26 Senior I.S. presentations: Akiksha Chatterji presents, "Problems of Irrationality: Self-Deception and Incontinent Action" and Leiden Doma, presents "The Effects of Importing Ballet to Bhutan: An Evaluation on Dance Value and Cultural Interaction."
Feb 2 Senior I.S. presentations: Taylor Funderburk presents, "Islamic Ornamentation as a Test Case for Aesthetic Theory" and Garo Matossian presents, "Understanding Time."
Feb 9 Senior I.S. presentations: Claire Ilersich presents, "Understanding Interpretation through Ed Ruscha's Text Works" and Mariah Joyce presents, "Alternative Facts: a look at different ideas about truth and reality."
Feb 16 Senior I.S. presentations: Emily Howerton presents "On Rationality and Morality" and Skylar Ruprecht presents "What is Privacy? The Threat of Surveillance and Blackmail in the 21st Century."
Feb 16 Philip Kitcher, Phi Betta Kappa Visiting Scholar, presents "Social Progress" in Lean Lecture Room of Wishart Hall, at 7:30 p.m.
Feb 23 Senior I.S. presentations: Isaac Parker presents "What IF ANYTHING Makes a Human Life Meaningful?" and Blake Pecoraro presents, "I'm Offended!": A Theory of Justified Offense Taking.
Mar 2 Senior I.S. presentations: Ziyi Sang presents, "Examining Top-Down Causation From The Physical To The Mental" and Jaxen Werne presents "How Concepts Construct the World: An Examination of Time, Energy, and Concepts."
Mar 9 Senior I.S. presentation: Chip Williams presents "The Philosophy of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: -Mary Anne Perkins and the Logos as Unifying Principle."
Spring Break
Mar 30 Welcome to the Major! Catered lunch to welcome our newest Philosophy majors to the department; 11:00 to noon in Scovel 205.  
Apr 6 Dr. Amy Shuster, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Ohio State University, presents "The finest rule of life we have" on the value of ambiguity for democratic praxis.
Apr 13 Senior I.S. presentation: Raianne Demetrius
Apr 20  Rachel Amoroso ('15), graduate student at Florida State University, presents "Moral Deference as Epistemic Humility."
Apr 20 Philosophy Honor Society (Phi Sigma Tau) Lecture by Tristram McPherson, Ohio State University, in Lean Lecture Room, Wishart Hall at 7:30 p.m. Lecture is titled "Arguing for Vegetarianism: the easy part, and the hard part' 
Apr 27 Juniors' Meeting
May 4 Quentin Fisher ('13), doctoral candidate at Georgetown University