Philosophy Roundtable 2018-2019


Philosophy Events

Philosophy Roundtable Schedule 2018-2019

Philosophy Roundtable is held at 11:00 a.m. in Scovel 105, unless otherwise stated. 

Date Presentation
Aug 23 Convocation, 11:05 a.m.
Aug 30 Senior I.S. Proposals. Mandatory Philosophy Majors Meeting, Scovel 105
Sept 6 Devin Curry, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, “Unwitting Aspiration”
Sept 13 The Lindner Author-Meets-Critics
Sept 20 Ron Hustwit, Frank Halliday Ferris Professor of Philosophy, “Newman on the Place of Philosophy in the Curriculum”
Sept 27 Lee A. McBride III, Associate Professor of Philosophy, "Empathy or Insurrection: Wielding Positive and Negative Affect"
Oct 4 Desiree Weber, Assistant Professor of Political Science, “Political Judgment and the Contestability of Concepts”
Oct 11 Fall Break - No Roundtable
Oct 18 Senior I.S. Presentation: Coral Ciupak, “Taking Care: an Evaluation of Our Ethical Relationships with “Distant Others”
Oct 25 Senior I.S. Presentation: Sam Severence<, “Is Belief in God A Justifiable Position?”
Nov 1 Professor Dan Simon (USC Law & Psychology) presents “Holistic Models of Decision Making”
Nov 8 Senior I.S. Presentations: Wyatt Linde, “Sitting Bull, The Philosopher: On the Importance of Community and Selflessness” & Olivia Hall, “America's Best Idea: Valuing Public Lands Through Leopold's Land Ethic”
Nov 15 Senior I.S. Presentation:Giuliano Stefanutti, "What We Are: A Study of Human Nature" and Lizzy Hemann, “Redesigning Humans through Genetic Enhancement: The Ethics of Choosing Children”
Nov 22 Thanksgiving Break - No Roundtable
Nov 29 Senior I.S. Presentation: Emma Arvedon, "Putting 'True' Back Together: The Value of a Realist Theory of Truth" & Mayra Lopez, "Moral Obligations: Toward A Just System of Immigration."
Dec 6 Noon to 1:00 p.m. Holiday Luncheon - No Roundtable
Winter Break
Jan 17 Senior I.S. Presentation: Daniel Sweat & Teagan Robinson
Jan 24 Senior I.S. presentation: David Hale
Jan 31 Senior I.S. presentation: Boyu Wu, Kiera Parker-Emerson
Feb 7 Senior I.S. presentation: Robert Dinkins
Feb 14 Senior I.S. presentation: Diana Kwon & Griffin Campbell
Feb 21 Senior I.S. presentations: Yifeng Xu & John Martin
Feb 28 Senior I.S. presentations: Dylan Reynolds
Mar 7 Senior I.S. presentations: Margy Adams
Spring Break
Mar 29 Welcome to the Major!
Apr 5  
Apr 12  
Apr 19  
Apr 26 Juniors' Meeting
May 3