Philosophy Roundtable 2017-2018


Philosophy Events

Philosophy Roundtable Schedule 2017-2018

Philosophy Roundtable is held at 11:00 a.m. in Scovel 105, unless otherwise stated. Roundtable lunch will follow in Kittredge Dining Hall.

Date Presentation
Aug 24 Convocation, 11:05 a.m.
Aug 31 Senior I.S. Proposals. Mandatory Philosophy Majors Meeting. Scovel 105
Sept 7 Aaron Novick (’12), graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh, History and Philosophy of Science, presents "Structuralism and Functionalism in Evolutionary Theory"
Sept 14 Elizabeth Schiltz (Department of Philosophy) and Mark Wilson (Department of Geology):  "Taxonomy and its Discontents"
Sept 21 Evan Riley, Department of Philosophy, presents “Skill and Rational Capacity”
Sept 28 Chris Buford, Associate Professor of Instruction, Philosophy Department, Akron University, presents "The Objects of Memorial Experience"
Oct 5  Professor Ron Hustwit presents, "Wittgenstein's Pupil" 
Oct 12 Fall Break - No Roundtable
Oct 19 Senior I.S. presentation: Scarlett Chen
Oct 24 Special Tuesday Roundtable, Justin Steinberg ('99 and former Wooster Visiting Assistant Professor), Brooklyn College, CUNY: "Belief Revision, Moral Reform, and the Spinozistic Mind"
Oct 25 12th Lindner Lecture in Ethics, 7:30 p.m. in Lean Lecture Room of Wishart Hall, "Distributing Schooling: The Place and Meaning of Equal Educational Opportunity"
Oct 26 Lindner Lecture in Ethics - Critics session, Scovel 105
Nov 2 Senior I.S. presentation: Issac Scher: "Political Conflict and Dialogue: Toward the Criteria for Reaching Understanding"
Nov 9 Senior I.S. presentation: Kayleigh Marks: "Social Responsibility of For-Profit Corporations: A Dilemma"
Nov 16 Senior I.S. presentation: "Kali Halimou: Investment in Narratives: Reconciling the Two Poles Through Which a Reader May Connect to a Piece of Narrative Fiction"
Nov 23 Thanksgiving Break - No Roundtable
Nov 30 Senior I.S. presentation: Colleen Gilfether: "Considering Self-Love: It’s Complicated"
Dec 7 Noon to 1:00 p.m. Holiday Luncheon - No Roundtable
Winter Break
Jan 18 Senior I.S. presentation by Chris Dukich: "The Good Life: Considerations from Buddhist, Hedonistic, and Aescetic Perspectives"
Jan 25 Senior I.S. presentation by Justin Konyn: "A Sound of Drum and Bass: How Hip Hop Cultivates Ethical Sensitivity Through Aesthetic Understanding"
Feb 1 Senior I.S. presentation by Amy Hagedorn: "Comedic Narrative and the Virtue in Awareness of One’s Imperfection"
Feb 8 Senior I.S. presentation: Mona Vaddiraju, "Affordable Care Act: Is It Enough?"
Feb 15 Senior I.S. presentation by Brandon Burkey: "Valuing Wilderness"
Feb 22 Senior I.S. presentations: Jaelan Harney, "Does Law Affect Morality?"
Mar 1 Senior I.S. presentations: Kevin Compliment and Erik Severson, "Pathways Through Democratic Disconnecton: Rawls, Connolly, and Mouffe"
Mar 8 Senior I.S. presentations: Alex Moore, "Walden, Wilderness, and Wrenches: The Radical Environmentalism of Henry David Thoreau and Edward Abbey" and Nicklaus Wilcher, "Ethical Considerations in Artistic Evaluation"
Spring Break
Mar 29 Welcome to the Major! Catered lunch to welcome our newest Philosophy majors to the department; 11:00 to noon in Scovel 205.  
Apr 5 Alexandra Gustafson ('16) presents "Love Alters Not: A Study of Unrequited Love" 
Apr 12  Remington Jackson ('12)
Apr 19 Karen Haely ('92), Department of Philosophy adjunct professor
Apr 26 Juniors' Meeting
May 3 Scott Smith ('10)