Philosophy Honor Society

Phi Sigma Tau

The Department of Philosophy has been a member of Phi Sigma Tau, the National Philosophy Honor Society, since March 1983. The criteria for membership in Phi Sigma Tau is:

  • You have taken and received grades for at least four courses in philosophy;
  • You have earned a B+ or higher in three of those course; and
  • You have a cumulative gpa of at least 3.0. 
Current Members
Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019
Nichapar Boonparlit Brandon Burkey• Emma Arvedon*
Akiksha Chatterji Junyi Chen* Olivia Hall*
Dorian Isaiah Boye-Doe• Colleen Gilfether• Eungyeol Kwon*
Matthew Rowe Buranosky• Amy Ruth Hagedorn* Teagan Robinson*
Leiden Choden Doma• Alexander Moore• Samuel Royer*
Taylor Amanda Funderburk*> Isaac Scher• Yifeng Xu*
Emily Ann Howerton• Erik Severson•  
Claire Elizabeth Ilersich* Manogjna Vaddiraju•  
Jack William Johanning• Nicklaus Wilcher•  
Mariah Ellen Joyce* Jingxia Zheng  
Daniel James Lynch•    
Garo Tiran Matossian    
Peter Mack Warren Olson    
Blake William Prescot Pecoraro    
Harrison Skylar Ruprecht*    
Ziyi Sang•    
Todd Phillip Ulmer    
Jaxen William Trzynka Werne    
Arthur Williams•    
Stuart Bertram Young    

* Inducted at the end of Sophomore year
• Inducted at the end of Junior year