Philosophy Minor information

Many students have found a minor in philosophy to be a valuable supplement to other majors in the natural and social sciences and other humanities departments. Students are strongly encouraged to take Philosophy 100: Ethics, Justice, and Society as a first course in philosophy.


You will need to complete six courses.

One of the following 200-level courses

  • PHIL 250: Ancient Philosophy: Plato and Aristotle
  • PHIL 251: Rationalism and Empiricism

One of the following 300-level courses

  • PHIL 301: Ontological Commitments
  • PHIL 302: Epistemology: Rationality and Objectivity
  • PHIL 303: Understanding Language
  • PHIL 304: Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
  • PHIL 310: Seminar in Philosophy
  • PHIL 311: Ethical Theory
  • PHIL 312: Political Philosophy

Philosophy Elective Courses

  • Four electives

Majors and minors are not permitted to take any courses within the department for S/NC credit.