UA Requirements

The University of Akron offers the 3+2 program resulting in a B.A from Wooster and a M.S. in polymer engineering from The University of Akron.

Programs/Disciplines of Study

  • Polymer Science & Engineering

Admission Information

  • This accelerated program is available only to College of Wooster students. Students interested should apply fall of their Junior Year. Students will consult with faculty counselors both at the CoW and at the U. of Akron.
  • Students will be admitted to the M.S. program at the U. of Akron after completing 3 years of B.A. study at Wooster.
  • Students will receive a tuition waiver for all graduate courses taken at the U. of Akron in years 4 and 5. Students will also be eligible to receive stipends in their 5th year.
  • Students will pay tuition and other fees for undergraduate courses taken at the U. of Akron in year 4.
  • The College of Wooster will award the B.A. degree after a student completes the 4th year of course work at the U. of Akron.
  • Students may also be able to participate in paid summer research positions at U. of Akron even before transferring after year 3.

Sample Recommended Curriculum to be taken at The College of Wooster

  • Year 1 Fall: Math 111, Chem 112, Phys 111, FYS
  • Year 1 Spring: Math 112, Phys 112, Arts & Humanities Course, History & Social Science course
  • Year 2 Fall: Math 211, Chem 211, Phys 201, Phys 301
  • Year 2 Spring: Math 212, Chem 212, Phys 202, Phys 302
  • Year 3 Fall: Math 221, Chem 318, Phys 304, Language or Arts & Humanities
  • Year 3 Spring: Math 327, Phys 350, Phys/Chem 401 Jr. Indpt. Study, Another course of choice

Because this program is accelerated, resulting in both a B.A. and M.S. in five years, it is particularly important to start taking the right courses in your first semester at Wooster.