Wooster Graduation Requirements

Students interested in completing the Pre-Engineering program will declare a major at The College of Wooster (such as Physics, Chemistry, Math, etc.) and will be given an advisor from that department. In addition to meeting with their departmental advisor, students are encouraged to meet regularly with the Pre-Engineering advisor to discuss class schedules and plans for fulfilling all courses required for the Pre-Engineering program in a timely manner.

In order to be granted the College of Wooster Bachelors of Arts, students continuing on to an engineering school must meet the following graduate requirements:

  • First Year Seminar
  • Writing Competency (1-2 courses one of which is a W course)
  • Global and Cultural Perspectives (foreign language and a C course)
  • Religious Perspectives (1 R course)
  • Learning Across the Disciplines-History and Social Science (2 courses)-Arts and Humanities (2 courses)-Mathematical and Natural Sciences (2 courses)
  • Major (6 courses of which one is Junior IS)
  • At least 24 courses of which at least 16 must be completed at Wooster (8 of the courses will be those taken at the engineering school and will count towards the College of Wooster degree)
  • Grade Point Average (Minimum 3.0)