2016 Majors

Theatre and Dance

Theatre and Dance, as studied at The College of Wooster, emphasizes the relationship between scholarship, artistry, and advocacy through an investigation of the range and depth of the human experience in our coursework and stage productions. In this world, the artist/scholar must be an advocate for the arts, as well as contribute to a movement for social justice and activism through artistic expression. Similarly, the department's productions reflect a commitment to sustainability.

The Theatre and Dance Major and Minor curricula offer a broad range of knowledge designed to examine acting, directing, dance, design and technology, history, literature, playwriting, theory, and artistic activism and social justice focusing in each area on the importance of analyzing texts in their various modes: written, visual, and physical.

While the Theatre and Dance student may choose to specialize in one of these particular areas of the discipline for their Senior Independent Study, the departmental philosophy remains dedicated to the liberal arts belief in developing, through its interdisciplinary curricular structure, a combination of historical and critical analysis in relationship to the study of various performance texts, resulting in the creation of the artist/scholar/advocate.

Concert Poster

Staged Reading: Voices from the rustbelt

 Written by Dale Seeds

Guest Direction by Janna Haywood

Shoolroy Theatre, 7:30 p.m., May 2, 2018 - no ticket or reservation required

Voices from the Rust Belt is a collection of short vignettes based in the lived experiences of “ordinary people,” attempting to make something “extraordinary” out of where they find themselves.  Dignity is tough to come by in this world of plant closures, failed steel mills, and the toxic trails they leave behind.  Finding joy here can be difficult.  Sometimes, a good cup of coffee, shared with a friend or a stranger, is enough.  These stories dig deep into memory, meaning, and connection as we ask: “Are we victims of the choices we make? Does the scarred soil we spring from determine what we will be?”  Or, are there such things as second chances, and redemption?  

 ~ Dale Seeds