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Indepedent Study

The objective of the Independent Study program at the College is to provide an opportunity for each student to engage in individual inquiry and expression. At Wooster, Independent Study is the culmination of liberal education and provides the basis for independent learning throughout life. The senior independent study allows the student to pursue this independent learning on a topic of their choice in the area of their major. One purpose of independent study is for the student to apply the knowledge gained through their course of study in their major.

Independent Study is a challenging and rewarding experience. The purpose of this handbook is to provide Urban Studies majors with information that will facilitate the process of I. S. and to help make I. S. a more rewarding experience. The handbook serves as a detailed reference source for information regarding choice of topic, identifying major reference sources, organization of the I. S., style guidelines, and the evaluation process. Each senior should spend some time at the beginning of the I. S. process discussing the information in this handbook with their advisors in order to understand what is required to make the I. S. a success.