Collection Management Policies: Electronic Government Information Service Guidelines

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Free and Equal Access

  • As a Federal Depository Library, we offer the campus and the general public free access to online federal government information provided through the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) under the same principle of free access that governs the use of traditional depository materials, according to Section 1911 of Title 44, United States Code.  Services for electronic materials should be equal to or exceed the services provided for other collections of the library.
  • All information provided through the FDLP is available to any library user free of fees or other restrictions, such as age, residency status, or filtering software and security measures are consistent with FDLP guidelines and requirements.  No patron will be required to present identification for any reason, except to check out library materials.

Computer Access

  • Limited look-up computer stations are available around the library.  Patron use of these workstations is subject to the library's overall acceptable use policy. Access may be mediated or unmediated.  Users may be charged the "usual and customary" fees for printing, copying, and diskettes.  At the present time The College of Wooster Libraries charges for making paper copies from print materials and printing.
  • If necessary, time limits and sign-up sheets will be employed to assure equitable access.  Confidentiality of log-in records or sign-up sheets, as with circulation records, is assured and is consistent with applicable privacy statutes.  Special passwords may be used and the e-mail capability of web browser(s) may be blocked.

The FDLP Electronic Collection

  • Free public access to government information is also facilitated through the Government Resources and the Library web pages.  Government information in the online environment includes all tangible and online electronic products in the FDLP Electronic Collection and everything on or linked to through GPO Access.
  • As stated by the General Counsel of the Government Printing Office, we try to maintain the capability to allow for unimpeded use of any government information in electronic formats (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, floppy diskette, Internet) which is specifically "selected" by the Government Information Department of The College of Wooster Libraries as equipment availability exists.
  • The Government Resources web pages provide links to government information and government web sites as do the general Library web pages.

Electronic Service Guidelines

  • Any tangible electronic products and services selected by the Government Information Department are required to be available to the general public in a timely manner.
  • If a product is not currently loaded and/or supported on a dedicated depository workstation, the Government Information Department will provide adequate access and technical support within a designated time frame as determined by the Libraries.
  • Public access also includes telnet and ftp capabilities for printing, downloading and/or transmission of electronic data.  Limits to or costs associated with these activities are consistent with the public service provisions of the Libraries.
  • The public service areas have capability for fax and e-mail delivery of government information to distance users in accordance with existing policies of the Libraries.
  • The staff of the Government Information Department will provide, when possible, appropriate reference service, training, help guides, and documentation to the general public for our selected tangible products and for those on the Internet.
  • Circulation of CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, and floppy diskettes is permitted under special circumstances and in accordance with the circulation policies of the Libraries and for other depository resources.  Circulation of the product does not relieve the depository library staff of its duty to assist patrons in accessing the information.  The Government Information Department staff is required to demonstrate a "good faith" effort to provide in-house assistance to patrons wishing to use electronic government information, regardless of format and mode of provision,  in The College of Wooster Libraries depository collection.

see also the Goverment Information Department's
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