Disaster Recovery Team

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Andrews Library

1140 Beall Avenue

Wooster, OH 44691

Phone: 330-263-2493

Fax: 330-263-2253


It is the responsibility of the person first observing the disaster to call Upikin Gunawan, and the Librarian of the College, Irene Herold. If these two people can not be reached, start calling the Recovery Team in the order listed below. Campus Security should also be called.

Recovery Team
2152 Upikin Gunawan Building Manager
2483 Irene Herold Librarian of the College
2522 Mark Gooch Collection Management and Discovery Services Librarian
2527 Denise Monbarren Special Collections Librarian
2280 Zachary Sharrow Science Librarian

Full copies of the Disaster Manual are kept in the following locations:

Campus Library

  • Andrews Library Circulation Desk
  • Timken Science Library Circulation Desk
  • Administrative Coordinator/Librarian of the College's office
  • Access Services Evening Manager's office
  • CMDS/Collection Management and Discovery Services Librarian's office (includes instructions for drying water damaged materials)
  • Special Collections Workroom
  • Research Help Desk, Gault Library
  • Research and Information Services Librarian's Office
  • Digital Curation Librarian's Office
  • Digital Scholarship Librarian and Director of CoRE's Office
  • Learner Experience Librarian's Office
  • Dean of APEX's Office
  • Registrar's Office
  • Director of the Writing Center's Office
  • Director of Educational Technology

Other Campus Locations

  • Provost's office
  • Director of Security and Protective Services
  • Environmental Safety Coordinator
  • Associate Vice-President Facilities Management and Planning

Copies at Home

  • Upikin Gunawan, Administrative Coordinator, Libraries
  • Irene Herold, Librarian of the College
  • Denise Monbarren, Special Collections Librarian
  • Mark Gooch, Collection Management and Discovery Services Librarian
  • Zach Sharrow, Science Librarian