Dealing with Water Leaks and Wet Books

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First Steps For Dealing With Leaks

  1. Call Security (ext. 2590) or Service Building (ext. 2310) for help to get water shut off if it is a broken or leaking pipe.
  2. Call disaster response team.
  3. Make sure area is safe to enter.
  4. Place buckets under drips.
  5. Cover stack areas with plastic sheeting. Make sure plastic goes all the way to the floor.
  6. Call custodial services (ext. 2354) for help cleaning up water.

First Steps For Dealing With Wet Books

(NOTE: books are sometimes returned to the library wet.)

  1. Remove books from wet area when it is safe to enter area.
  2. Books that are only damp can be stood upside down with their covers slightly open in front of a fan on low speed.
  3. The Reponse Team will take care of books that are soaked. The will be packed in mail crates or boxes and taken to a freezer.

Emergency Supply Locations

  1. Buckets, plastic sheeting and duct tape are located on the shelf above the coat rack in Collection Serivces on Andrews Lower1, and at the Reserves Desk on Gault Level 1.
  2. Mops and buckets are located in the custodial closets on Andrews Lower 1, Andrews Level 1, and Andrews Level 3.
  3. Towels are located in the custodial closets on Andrews Lower 1, Andrews Lower 2, and Andrews Level 3.
  4. Mail crates can be obtained from the campus post office in Lowry Center. Extra cardboard boxes are stored in the Gift Room in Collection Services (Andrews Lower1).

Emergency Numbers