The Christine Camp Archives: Waldenside

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The Christine Camp Archives: Waldenside is the personal archives of Christine Camp (Class of 1951, Distinguished Alumni 1990). In the early 1950s, Camp was one of the first female intelligence officers to work for the Central Intelligence Agency. In the late 1950s, she was one of few women to work as a member of the Washington press corps. She worked on John F. Kennedy's first presidential campaign and served as assistant to White House Press Secretary, Pierre Salinger. In the early 1970s, she worked as Deputy Press Secretary for George McGovern.

The collection includes scrapbooks, framed photographs, artwork, monographs, memorabilia, recordings, and transcripts of interviews Camp had done for the Kennedy Library. The monographs include many inscribed and signed editions from members of the Kennedy family and the administrative staff. The collection includes many impressive photographs, including a photograph of John F. Kennedy taken by Mark Shaw at the Kennedy Compound Beach in 1963. The photograph is framed and inscribed by the photographer. It was given to Camp as a Christmas gift in December 1963. A framed print, given to select members of the staff for their efforts during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, is inscribed to Camp from John F. Kennedy.

The collection also contains historical information regarding the Camp family house and farm, Waldenside, located in Red Haw, Ohio.

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