Gillian Fynn: The Wayne County Peace Coalition

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Gillian Fynn, a Wayne County resident who was long involved in local, regional and national peace activities, donated her personal collection to the college in 1999 before moving to Oakland, California. This collection includes books, files, petitions, letters to representatives, posters, and informational flyers related to grass roots peace movements at both the local and national level.

A large portion of this collection consists of The Wayne County Peace Coalition papers. Ms. Fynn was a founding member of this local activist group. The collection includes historical statements regarding the formation and purpose of the group, by-laws, informational packets, educational tools, videos, and meeting minutes.

Besides her regional involvement, Ms. Fynn was involved in issues related to the human rights struggle in Central America and was a member of Witness for Peace. During the Contra war in 1986, she went to Nicaragua as a representative of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A./Witness for Peace mission. Some of the materials in her collection are examples of the revolutionary literature used to undermine oppressive governments in Central and South America.

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