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In 1959, Paul O. Peters announced that he would donate his library of 90,000 books, documents, and pamphlets to The College of Wooster Library. A small portion of this collection related to conservative and right-wing elements present in 20th-century American culture is housed in Special Collections.

Most of the materials in this collection are part of Peters' working library from the 1940s and the 1950s. The collection reflects his political interests, documenting his unsuccessful candidacy for the Republican nomination for United States Senator from Missouri in 1940 through to his work as a speech writer for the Republican National Committee. In 1949 he began the Washington News Bulletin and served as editor and publisher until his death nearly 11 years later.

The collection includes several periodical runs, including "Freedom and Union," "Prevent World War III," "The Cross and the Flag," and "Southern Conservative." A large portion of the collection is devoted to materials promoting states' rights, racism, and anti-Semitism. Also included in the collection are the original first drafts and transcripts of radio commentaries presented by Willis J. Ballinger in 1952 as broadcast over the Liberty network. Approximately 80 right-wing groups are included in an "organization file," that covers groups such as the America First Committee (Washington, DC) and Committee for Defense of the Constitution (New York, NY).

A small portion of the collection is devoted to left-wing materials gathered by Peters so that he might better understand his opposition.

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