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During the year 1929 the Intercollegiate Prohibition Association in cooperation with the World League Against Alcoholism and the American Issue Publishing Company collaborated in bringing together a set of books, pamphlets and leaflets having a value of $100, which through and in the name of the Intercollegiate Prohibition Association is being furnished to 400 colleges and universities throughout the United States.

This literature covers every conceivable phase of the prohibition and temperance questions, not only in the United States but throughout the world. It represents long years of research. It represents the best constructive thought of scientists, economists, social welfare experts and temperance leaders of many lands and will furnish for any earnest student a veritable mine of information on the origin, the progress and the trend of the temperance reform movement both at home and abroad.

The cooperating agencies above named recognize the strategic importance of reaching the million students of the United States with the facts about the development of the alcoholic beverage liquor traffic and the problems arising there from, and through this library set seek to furnish them with attractive and reliable sources of information. It is the purpose to extend this plan of furnishing literature to the remaining college and university libraries in the United States as rapidly as possible during the year 1930, and from time to time to furnish additional material so that these libraries may be kept up-to-date on the alcohol question. (Introduction, "Temperance Library for Colleges and Universities.")

All titles have been catalogued and appear in the CONSORT and OhioLINK databases. Related items have been added to complement the original collection and can be searched as "Temperance Library for Colleges and Universities Related Works.”