FYS Librarians Fall 2019

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Andrews Library

1140 Beall Avenue

Wooster, OH 44691

Phone: 330-263-2493

Fax: 330-263-2253


Professor Title Librarian
Beutner Climate Change and Narrative Sharrow
Bonk The Dark Arts of Exploitation


Bowen Into the Dataverse Sharrow
Brandley 1.5°: Predicting a Warm World Sharrow
Brazeau Geniuses, Experimenters, Hacks J. Heil
Faust Poisoned Water Law
Freeze Why Music Matters J. Heil
Gamble The French Speaking Caribbean C. Heil
Garcia Close Relationships Dempsey
I. Garcia/Karazsia Issues of Inclusion in Sport & Society Gooch
Griffin & Abramo Truth Detectives Herold
Guez Interpreting Art Dempsey
Huston-Findley 21st-Century Storytelling J. Heil
Kang The Politics of the Avengers J. Heil
Keelor The Marvel of Graphic Medium Law
Leiby Immigration Justice Gooch
Manz Patterns Around You Law
Mariola Did Hipsters Ruin Food? Law
McBride Philosophy, Disenchanted C. Heil
Milligan Snapshots to Snapchats Monbarren
Ng Vietnam’s War of Resistance C. Heil
Palmer Corn, Coffee, Chile, Chocolate Monbarren
Park History of Christmas Law
Pollock Beyond Broken Bones Sharrow
Ramsay Reason in an Emotions Culture Dempsey
Rapport Food, Religion, and Culture C. Heil
Riley Forms of Falsity C. Heil
Sacks Poetry, Protest, and New Media J. Heil
Schmidt Not Throwin’ Away My Shot Monbarren
Shaya, G. The Memory of War Monbarren
Stavnezer How to Crush College Gooch
Tierney Utopian and Dystopian Visions Dempsey
Walters Sex in Revolt Monbarren
Wilson Nonsense! Sharrow
Wood The Allure of the Great Opera Dempsey
You Women and Gender in East Asia Gooch