FYS Librarians Fall 2020

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Andrews Library

1140 Beall Avenue

Wooster, OH 44691

Phone: 330-263-2493

Fax: 330-263-2253


Professor Title Librarian
Bonk Art of the Copy Gooch
Bostdorff Rhetoric & Polarization


Brazeau Genius 101 J. Heil
Clayton Getting Better J. Heil
Cope Diversity, Intersectionality, Otherness Gooch
Corral A Nation of Immigrants? Gooch
Cosgriff Grow a Spine Monbarren
Edmiston So You Want to Change the World? Sharrow
Freeze Why Other People Have Such Bad Taste J. Heil
Frese Representing the Past... Monbarren
A. Garcia Close Relationships Sharrow
I. Garcia The Craft of Truth Dempsey
Hayward Border Crossings C. Heil
Histen Memory Law
Holt You are What You Eat Monbarren
Judge Maps J. Heil
Lantis Will Science Save Us? Sharrow
Lehtinen Outward Journeys, Inward Journeys Monbarren
Lynn Navigating Uncertainty Law
Martin The World is Your Oyster Law
Mirza Decolonizing Fashion Law
Moledina Mobility and Migration Gooch
Muellner Comic Books and Conflict Dempsey
Noriega Queer Latinx Theatre C. Heil
Nurse Just Say No? Sharrow
Ozar The School and Society C. Heil
Park Scripture on the Silver Screen C. Heil
Pasteur Only a Game? Gooch
Prendergast Uncanny Dempsey
Rudisill Effects of Inequality C. Heil
Sacks The Art of Social Media J. Heil
Sene Africa and COVID-19 Dempsey
Thomson Well-Being, Happiness and Meaning Dempsey
Welsch Fighting Scots! Monbarren
Wereley The Millennial Takeover of Tik Tok... Sharrow
Wood Bravo! Encore! Dempsey