FYS Librarians

Professor Title Librarian
Bonk Art of the Copy Newton
Brazeau #NailedIt Law
Clayton Self and Identity Heil
Custer Removing the Eww from Taboo Gooch
Feierabend Demystifying Science with Art & Media Sharrow
Freeze Music, Self, and Society Law
Frese Representing the Past & Reflections on the Present Newton
Furey Speech, Language & Socioeconomic Status Law
Gillund What's in a Face? Heil
Grace Watchdog Journalism in the 21st Century Monbarren
Graham Being Good Heil
Guez Is the West in a Period of Decline Gooch
Holt Encounters & Identities in Latin America Monbarren
Ison Hidden Figures Sharrow
Lantis Technology, Polics, & Society Gooch
Manz Pattern Around You Law
Mariola Is Google Making Us Stupid? Sharrow
McBride Food and Philosophy Newton
Mirza Making Color Newton
Morrow The Art of Childhood Monbarren
Ng Does Pain Have a History? Gooch
Nurse Criminal (In)Justice? Law
Palmer Somos Sur Monbarren
Pasteur Only a Game? Gooch
Pollock Hashtag Earth and Us Sharrow
Regan Everything is a Network Sharrow
Rhyan Heroines of the Odyssey Newton
Roche The Dust Bowl Monbarren
Schaer Full of Stars Monbarren
Schmidt Preparing our Youth to Engage in the World Newton
Shostak Adaptation as Art Newton
Snider & Fraga Choices Sharrow
Tognazzini Idiots Heil
Tritt B-Boys and Ballerinas Monbarren
van Doorn Idiocracy? Gooch
Visa Computers:  A Blessing or a Curse? Sharrow
Wang Chinese Box Gooch
Wood Bravo! Encore! The Allure of Great Opera Law