Libraries Staff

Jacob Heil

Digital Scholarship Librarian and Director of CoRE

Upikin Gunawan

Administrative Coordinator

Lorna Flynn

Interlibrary Loan Associate

Elys Kettling Law

Research and Information Services Librarian

Catherine Heil

Digital Curation Librarian

Zachary Sharrow

Science Librarian

Irene Herold

Librarian of the College

Jennifer Yandle

Digital Repository Associate

Sue Dunlap

Collection Management Associate

Mae Evans

Science Library Associate

Annie Dempsey

Learner Experience Librarian

Michael Buttrey

Head of Access Services

Alena Michal

Access Services Evening Supervisor

Mark Gooch

Collection Management and Discovery Services Librarian

Erin Christine

Acquisitions Associate

Denise Monbarren

Special Collections Librarian

Kathleen Garvey

Cataloging Associate