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Subject or Area Liaison Librarian Department Liaison
Admissions Irene Herold  
Africana Studies Elys Law and Annie Dempsey Wright, J.
Anthropology Elys Law Nurse
Archaeology Annie Dempsey  
Art & Art History Catherine Heil Siewart
BCMB (Biol., Chem, Microbiol.) Zachary Sharrow West
Biology Zachary Sharrow Lehtinen
Building Partners in Libraries
(APEX, Writing Center, Registrar)
Irene Herold & Annie Dempsey (Learning Center)  
CDEI (Center for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) Catherine Heil & Irene Herold  
Chemistry Zachary Sharrow Feierabend
Chinese Mark Gooch Wang
Classical Studies Annie Dempsey Shaya, J.
Communication Studies Elys Law  
Communication Sciences & Disorders Elys Law Goldberg
Comparative Literature Jacob Heil Alkemeyer
Computer Science Zachary Sharrow Visa
Earth Sciences (formerly Geology) Zachary Sharrow Judge
East & South Asian Studies Mark Gooch McConnell
Economics Mark Gooch  
Education Elys Law  
English, Literature & Comparative Literature Jacob Heil Eager
Environmental Studies Zachary Sharrow
Elys Kettling Law
Film Studies Denise Monbarren  
First-Year Seminar Liaison Librarians    
French and Francophone Studies Catherine Heil Burch
German Mark Gooch Muellner
Global & International Studies Mark Gooch Kille
Global Media & Digital Studies Jacob Heil  
Government (U.S.) Information Mark Gooch  
History Denise Monbarren Ng
Latin American Studies Annie Dempsey Holt
Library Science Irene Herold  
Mathematics Zachary Sharrow Visa
Museum Studies Catie Heil & Denise Monbarren Derderian
Music, Music History, & Music Education Annie Dempsey Freeze
Neuroscience Zachary Sharrow Stavnezer
Philosophy Catherine Heil Wells
Physical Education Mark Gooch  
Physics Zachary Sharrow Lindner
Political Science Mark Gooch Kille
Psychology Zachary Sharrow  
Religious Studies Catherine Heil Graham
Russian Studies Mark Gooch  
Sociology Elys Law Nurse
Spanish Annie Dempsey de Leon
Statistical & Data Sciences Zachary Sharrow  
Theatre & Dance Denise Monbarren Findley
Urban Studies Mark Gooch .
Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Denise Monbarren Atay