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General Procedures

We require adherence to Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials for Library Reserves at The College of Wooster. Please refer to the Libraries' Copyright Policy for Reserves when preparing materials for reserves.

  1. All materials placed on reserve will be at the initiative of faculty for non-commercial, educational use by students.
  2. All copies must include a notice of copyright: year of publication if known, name of copyright holder if known, and a full bibliographic reference (author, title, journal title or book publisher, and date). Materials submitted without a full citation may be returned for the addition of the required information.
  3. Whenever possible, materials to be used for reserve will be those purchased or licensed by the Libraries.
  4. The Libraries will not place materials on reserve if they judge that the nature, scope, or extent of the copied material is beyond the reasonable limits of fair use.
  5. The Libraries will not place course packs or articles included in course packs on reserve.
  6. The Libraries will remove print materials that are no longer on reserve for a particular course and will remove electronic materials from access on the system.

Print Reserves

Faculty may place print copies (e.g., books, government documents, etc.) of Wooster or CONSORT library materials on reserve by completing the online Reserves Form. A print version of the form is also available for submission to the Andrews circulation desk or you can submit the same information required on the form to the email account. Faculty can also place personal copies (commercially produced, not photocopies) of books on reserve as well. We are not able to place OhioLINK materials on print reserves due to copyright restrictions and OhioLINK policies. Reserves Forms are also available at the Andrews circulation and media desk. Contact: Michael Buttrey

Science Library

To place print copies of materials on reserve at the Timken Science Library Circulation Desk contact Access Services Associate, Alena Michal.

Electronic Reserves

Faculty may request that selected materials be made available through our electronic course reserves system called eReserves. This allows their students to access uploaded, electronic versions of materials, such as scanned PDFs or Microsoft Word documents, and to link directly to library subscription or open-access online resources such as electronic journals or electronic books.
Materials on eReserves are accessible via the Internet and are password protected. If desirable, a faculty member can request that this access be linked from a password protected Moodle site for his/her course as well.
Faculty can use the same online Reserves Form for both print and electronic reserves. For Electronic Reserves, however, if items need to be scanned, a properly labeled copy (with full bibliographic citation) of the item will need to be submitted with the form. Please refer to the Libraries' Copyright Policy for Reserves when requesting that materials be placed on eReserves. Contact:Michael Buttrey

To access the electronic course reserves, students connect to eReserves and look up an item by course or by the instructor's last name.

Media Course Reserves

Faculty may place College of Wooster media (e.g., dvds, videotapes, cds, audiotapes, cd-roms, etc.) on reserve by filling out the Media Course Reserve Request Form or by submitting the selected titles via email to Michael Buttrey. Media Course Reserve forms are also available at the Andrews circulation and media desk. The Library provides media workstations for student course reserve assignments.

Faculty may place commercially produced media from their personal collections on reserve. We are not able to place CONSORT or OhioLINK media on reserve per our consortial agreements. Due to copyright restrictions, we are not able to place media from commercial rental establishments (e.g., Blockbuster, Netflix, etc.) or "duplicated and off-air recordings" on reserve. Contact: Michael Buttrey

College of Wooster media reserves are picked up and returned to the Andrews circulation and media desk.

Need Help?

For media reserves, print reserves or electronic reserves in Andrews Library please email questions to Library Reserves, or contact Michael Buttrey. For Science Library reserves please contact Alena Michal (Access Services Associate).