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Book Selection and Approval Plan

Most of the ordering for monographs is done through Yankee Book Peddler (YBP). They use an online ordering format, GOBI, based on unique “profiles.” Each department has an adjustable profile of the new books which are closely related to its field. For example, the chemistry faculty get all of the books that begin with the call number QD. Every two weeks and email of new books is sent to each faculty member, who may then recommend any or all books to be add to the collection. These profiles may be edited for an individuals specific area of interest. Contact the science librarian to change the email parameters.


Every two (2) weeks you receive an email from DoNotReply@ybp.com

  • Click on the link in that email to see the list of new books
  • If you see a book that you would like to order, add your priority ranking (1, 2, or 3) in the Library Note field
  • Select the items you want us to purchase (click the left side of the record to turn the narrow sidebar blue)
  • When you are done selecting items on a page, click the Recommend button in the left-hand navigation.
  • When you have completed your review of all pages of items click the Log Out link in the top left-hand corner
  • Thank You

Borrowing Privileges for Faculty

Faculty may borrow most COW books for 1 academic year with multiple renewals.  See complete list of loan periods.  Faculty spouses/partners and dependent children may request courtesy patron accounts at any circulation desk.  See a complete list of loan periods for courtesy patrons.

Faculty/Student Research Assistants

If you have a student research assistant(s) who would benefit from advanced database searching, please have him/her/them schedule a research consultation with Zach Sharrow. Have them include:

  • research topic
  • primary database(s) they will be searching (if known)
  • what kinds of library instruction they have had
  • what kind of information they are seeking (only journal articles, historical information, everything, etc.)

Librarian Liaisons to Academic Departments

Phone numbers and contact information for librarians who are liaisons to departments and programs (librarian liaisons list). Liaisons to academic departments tailor library instruction classes to fit students needs, help with collection development, share information about new library resources and news, and generally help with or refer you for any questions you may have about the library and its services.

Departmental Liaison Responsibilities

Each department has a liaison to the library. This person serves as a contact point to the department on behalf of the library. They receive collection development information, news, and other communication then forward it to the department. The departmental liaison to the library sends the librarian book requests on behalf of the department, curriculum changes, and other information so the library can respond to needs.

Library Research Skills Instruction

The science librarian encourages faculty to bring students into the library for library instruction classes. Some ideas for library instruction include:

  • introduction to the library
  • how to pick a topic
  • locating information sources
  • evaluating sources
  • scholarly communication
  • basic database searching in general databases
  • basic and advanced searching in subject-specific databases
  • citation management
  • the social web and the scientific community
  • the Science Librarian is happy to meet with faculty individually to tailor classes to specific learning goals.

Weeding the Collection

The collection is continuously being evaluated for currency, relevancy, and appropriateness. As the science librarian evaluates monographs he will nominate some titles to be removed. Liaisons to the library will be contacted to review the nominated titles and elect to keep any title they feel are important to our collection. The remaining monographs will be removed from the collection.

Media Collection

The Media Collection in Andrews Library has many DVDs and video cassettes available for our community.