How do you develop ideas for new products and services?  How do you create sustainable solutions to societal problems?  What leadership skills are necessary to set-up and manage a new venture? How can an artist create a brand and forge their unique career? The Entrepreneurship Pathway addresses questions like these by focusing on the entrepreneurial mindset and skill development.

Entrepreneurship touches many career options. It encompasses an interdisciplinary set of soft and hard skills that are connected to an entrepreneurial mindset. The entrepreneurial mindset is a way of thinking about challenges and opportunities. It enables the entrepreneur to identify problems, develop and implement solutions that have value, communicate that value to others, and provide leadership for these activities. In the Entrepreneurship Pathway, students have a chance to explore how entrepreneurial thinking is relevant to a wide range of domains, from crafting an innovative business model to effecting social change or launching an arts enterprise. This preparation is relevant for both those who want to work for themselves and those who want to increase their effectiveness within existing organizations.  

The entrepreneurial mindset can be applied to a broad set of career scenarios such as: 

  • Starting a business 
  • Managing a career in the arts 
  • Founding a school 
  • Building a non-profit to address humanitarian or environmental problems  
  • Serving as a business or finance consultant 
  • Being a professional who owns a practice such as a physician, dentist, or attorney

The courses and experiential learning opportunities in the Entrepreneurship Pathway are for students who are interested in business, social entrepreneurship, arts entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship applications in new areas. Students in this pathway will practice communication and leadership skills that that are transferable to many other career paths beyond entrepreneurial activities. Whether you’re new to entrepreneurship or already focused on specific entrepreneurship goals, this pathway will help you learn effective organization leadership skills and gain knowledge about communication and human behavior that will prepare you for your work at Wooster and beyond graduation.