2013-2014 Inductees

PBK Prize Winner 2014

Chelsey Porter is an English major with a minor in Education and an Ohio teaching licensure for grades 7-12 in Integrated Language Arts from Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Her Independent Study project was entitled “Enter Bottom With the Ass Head: A Critical Study of the Metacognitive Effects of Comedy.” It is a series of three literary analyses on comedic plays - A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, and Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley - that uses audience response theory to demonstrate that comedy is more rhetorically complex and intellectually stimulating than its current social stigma implies. This study was motivated by Chelsey’s desire to provide educators with greater justification for incorporating more comedic texts into their curricula. She found that the layers of meaning and dimension within comedy place audience members in a state of metacognition, or thinking about thinking, which is one of the highest levels of cognition. She is currently in the interview process for two teaching positions in Northeast Ohio and hopes to occupy one of these this fall. 

Jonathan Reeves is a Neuroscience major with a minor in Philosophy from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. His independent study project was entitled “Validating Biomarkers for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Toward Improving Specificity and Selectivity of Cross-Cultural Diagnostics”. The focus of his thesis was to validate two potential blood-based biomarkers for PTSD that could be easily integrated into clinical practice in order to bypass complications to diagnosis presented by cross-cultural variation in behavioral symptoms of PTSD and lack of widespread cultural competence in practicing clinicians. He specifically analyzed blood plasma concentrations of corticosterone, a stress hormone, and haptoglobin, a marker of immune functioning, in a mouse model of PTSD. He concluded that although the joint use of these biomarkers does not serve as a reliable marker for the PTSD construct as a whole, these biomarkers provide clinicians with complementary information about underlying neuroendocrine dysfunction in PTSD and may serve as useful markers for identifying specific subtypes of PTSD. This fall, he will be starting a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. He hopes to extend the findings from his thesis to study the psychophysiological underpinnings of trauma-related/anxiety disorders, the overlap between cardiovascular disease and psychopathology, and to identify culturally sensitive, evidence-based interventions.

Members of Class of 2014 Inducted Last Year
Sreyan Chowdhury Holly Marie Jacobs Chelsey Maria Porter
Lauren Thomson Fleming Aaron William McKee Jonathan Wendall Reeves
Emily R. Grover Sarah K. Michels  
Zachary Hugh Harvey Eric Edward Petry  
Class of 2014 Inductees
Paige Isabelle Ambord*  Michelle Jean Kolk* Abigail Elizabeth Rodenfels
Rachel Lynn Appleton  Zena Malakie Lapp Rebecca Fargo Roper*
Jacob Andrew Boroff   Khoa Dang Le Nguyen* Jonathan Daniel Rothman
Eric Arthur Brenner  Curtis Daniel Lockhart Zachary Michael Sessa
Sarah Elizabeth Buntin  Methawee Manupipatpong Whitney Elaine Siders
Margaret Stauffer Frick Ananda Menon Andreja Marija Siliunas
Rita Anne Frost Allison Kay Miraldi Ashleigh Marie Sims
Ana Godonoga Rachel J. Myers* Brooke Abigail Skiba 
Cole McKay Grabow Sarah Goodlet Nation Wyatt Carl Smith*
Abigail Marjorie Harris-Ridker Giang Huong Nguyen Andrea Katharine Steiger
Julia Austin Hart Austin Michael Oberlin Zilu Wang*
Elise Margaret Hudock Andrea Sarah Patton Heather Rebecca Wilcox
Devin Susann Barbara Johns Zane Schnedar Polston Kelsey Marie Williams
Emily Jean Kate Virginia Therese Rich Aaron David Winston

* Election on the basis of junior standing

Class of 2015 Inductees
Jacob Logan Boca Rachelle Pearl Herrin Michael Edward Ohsfeldt
Rachelle Lee Brenner Morgan Elise Hughes Joseph Richard Harrison Smith
Chelsea Renae Frey Cara Elizabeth Jacob Amanda Lynn Steinhebel
Ryan Taylor Grow Nicole Candace Marton