Withdrawal Process

Students who are not returning to the College for the subsequent semester are required to contact the Dean of Students office and make an appointment to meet with the Dean. A student wishing to contemplate future plans or deal with a medical or family situation has the option of requesting a leave of absence for one semester. If a student wishes to take a leave of absence for a semester already in progress, he or she may do so up to the sixth week of the semester without academic penalty. No reduction or remission of fees is allowed by the College for absence, withdrawal, or dismissal unless an official notice of withdrawal is received by the end of the seventh week of a semester, in which case charges will be prorated, please see the student accounts page for more details.

A student wishing to withdraw from the College, for personal or medical reasons, or to transfer to another academic institution, must meet with a Dean of Students staff member to begin the withdrawal process. In either case, stipulations may be attached to the student’s return to campus if deemed appropriate by the Dean. The withdrawal process contains several steps that must be completed by the student prior to his or her departure from campus. This process will be clearly explained during the aforementioned appointment.