Student Travel Benefit

The Office of Undergraduate Research administers limited funding for student participation at professional and scholarly meetings. Applications for funding may be submitted at any time. As funds each year are limited, students and faculty are reminded that not all expenses can be covered. Students should be encouraged to submit requests early, and all requests will require an adviser's approval. Funding will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis.  In order to provide funding to the widest range of students and departments as possible, the Office of Undergraduate Research may choose to limit the number of applications for any one conference.  

Student Application 

In preparing applications, students should observe the following guidelines:

  • Funding is granted only to students who will be presenting research at a conference or professional meeting.
  • Applications should include a clear description of the project and the student's role at the conference.
  • Applications should include a detailed and itemized list of expenses; where exact figures are not available, provide a resonable estimate.
  •  Funds are available for travel to and from the conference site, conference registration fees, and lodging (room and taxes only). The cost of meals will not be covered.
  • A maximum of $450 will be granted per student. Students are urged to find the most economical arrangements for their travel.
  • Students must submit all reciepts no later han 30 days after the conference date in order to be reimbursed.

As funding is limited students are encouraged to pursue other options for funding as well. Some conferences offer to waive registration fees for students who work for a few hours at the conference, others have travel grants for undergraduates. The Council for Undergraduate Research also provides some travel awards. Simply choose the appropriate division and search for Student Travel Awards.

Please direct any questions to Krista Martin (x 2502).