Presentation Options

Please decide on one* of the presentation styles listed below.

Poster Presentation 

You will create a poster and prepare a 2-3 minute summary about your I.S. Your poster will be displayed for the whole Symposium and you will be assigned a one hour time slot to be in attendance at your poster to chat with people as they walk by.

The deadline for submitting posters for printing is 4 p.m. Monday, April 13.

Oral Presentation

You will prepare a 10-12 minute speech about your I.S. This can be accompanied by PowerPoint or other digital media presentation as applicable to your project. Presenters will be placed in groups of three with a common thread (if possible). If you know of two others who share a common theme you are encouraged to indicate this and will be placed together if possible.

Musical or Theatrical Performance 

Students who wish to present a musical piece, dance, or short one-act play should choose this option. In addition to this application, students who choose this option must speak with their department and make the necessary arrangements for the performance.

Art Exhibition or Theatrical Display 

This option is usually chosen by students in Studio Art, Set Design or Costuming. If you are planning to be part of the group exhibition in the CWAM or if you have a theatrical display that will take more space than a traditional poster, please choose this option. Students choosing this option should prepare a 2-3 minute 'elevator pitch' for their I.S. Your display will be displayed for the whole Symposium and you will be assigned a one hour time slot to be in attendance at your display to chat with people as they walk by.

Digital Demonstration/Display/VR

If your I.S. includes a digital component that you would like to demonstrate or discuss, you can choose this option for your Symposium presentation. You can connect your computer to a display in CoRE (Andrew's Library) and present your work to curious passers-by. Maybe you made a timeline, or a website, or an app, or a game: use this as an opportunity to showcase this digital component of your Independent Study. If you have been working all semester on an Independent Study that features immersive Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, please register for this Symposium presentation. This may also be an opportunity to articulate how your Independent Study is critically engaged in digital technologies (and if so: did you nominate yourself for the CoRE Award for Critical Digital Engagement?).

Film or Documentary

Students who have produced a film or documentary as part of the IS project, and wish to show their film during the Symposium, may select this option. Depending upon how many entries we have in this category, students may need to be prepared to screen only a portion of their feature. Films (or portions thereof) will screen during the same time slot on Symposium Friday, and all students should be prepared to provide very brief (3-minute) contextualizing information. Time-permitting, students should also be prepared to field questions from the audience after all films have screened.


If you have an idea for a presentation that clearly does not fit into one of these categories, there is a place on the application for this as well. However you must contact Lindsey Millan to discuss the details of your plan before April 3.

*If you are a double major and you would like to give two different presentations, you may by submitting two applications. If your department requires a poster presentation and you would also like to give another presentation you may also submit two applications. Other than these two exceptions, students should plan on one presentation.