BioMax(TM) Plant Booster

Biomax Plant Booster

From a Serendipitous Discovery

In 2005, while Professor Paul Edmiston and his students at The College of Wooster were attempting to develop an optical sensor to detect explosives, they made a serendipitous discovery: a molecularly-engineered, silica-based material that absorbed oil, gasoline, and other organic compounds from water – and could be "wrung out" and reused, like a sponge.

To a New Company

Edmiston founded ABS Materials to develop commercial uses for this material, dubbed Osorb Media,™ focusing initially on water treatment applications in the oil and gas industry. Today, ABS Materials employs more 16 people here in Wooster, and has received 11 patents, with 18 more pending. And each year, Edmiston students to conduct research for potential new applications, from water treatment and purification systems to analytical devices and personal care products.

And Now a New Product for Home Gardeners

BioMax Plant Booster™ is the first consumer product from ABS: a soil additive that provides a toxin-free environment allowing plants to thrive. Packed with essential nutrients and minerals, BioMax Plant Booster™ has been scientifically proven to dramatically increase plant growth, health, and yield.

BioMax Plant Booster™ is available on Amazon, and at select hardware stores and garden centers in Northeast Ohio.