Current Research Positions

The student application deadline for Summer 2018 is midnight on Friday, March 9.

Applications will require a current resume. Make an appointment with Career Planning, or stop by APEX on Wednesdays from 1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. to get help preparing your resume.

The application will request you to upload a copy of your one page resume as a PDF and for you to write one to two paragraphs for each of these prompts. Please have these ready before beginning the application as you may only submit ONE application!

  1. Describe the specific objectives you hope to gain from your first choice research experience.
  2. What strengths (academic and non-academic) do you bring to this project that will contribute to its success?

Apply for a Summer Research Position Now!

Professor General Area of Research Dates Hours per week
Professor Alley Antarctic Ice Fracture (.pdf) July 9 - August 3  35-40
Professor Bos Gender and Political Socialization (.pdf) May 15 - July 10 35-40
Professor Bourne Evaluation of New Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction for Publication in Artful Dodge Magazine (.pdf) May 15 - July 6 (flexible) 35-40
Professor Corral, Leiby, and Orta Survey and Interviews with Latinx Immigrants in Ohio (.pdf) June 1 - August 1 35-40
Professor Crawford Rain-on-Snow Events in Alaska (.pdf) June 11 - July 13 35-40
Professor Edmiston Analytical Chemistry (.pdf) May 21 - July 6 35-40
Professor Fraga Molecular Evolution of Novel Protein Functions (.pdf) June 4 - July 27 35-40
Professor Freeze George Gershwin's Concerti (.pdf) June 1 - August 1 35-40
Professor Manz Developing Zoomable Timeline of BZ History Project (.pdf) May 21 - July 22 (flexible) 35-40
Professors Shaya, Holt, Biro Walters Wooster Digital History Project (.pdf) May 5 - July 6 35-40
Professor Sobeck Photochemistry of Sunscreen Active Ingredients and Commercial Dyes (.pdf) May 15 - July 6 35-40
Professor van Doorn US National Politics (.pdf) May 15 - July 9 35-40
Professor West Chemical Biology of Protein-Protein Interactions (.pdf) May 15 - July 10 35-40

Sherman Fairchild Research Projects

These grant-funded positions offer the opportunity to work as a team with a  faculty member and a peer mentor on a faculty research project.

Apply for a Sherman Fairchild Research Project Now!

Professor General Area of Research Dates Hours per week
Professors Edmiston and Faust Environmental Chemistry (.pdf) May 21 - July 13 (flexible) 35-40
Professors Carlson and Lehtinen Genetic and Evolutionary Studies of Squirrel Melanism (.pdf) June 4 - July 20 35-40