2017 Senior Group Exhibition

Two student-generated exhibitions are currently on display at the CWAM! The "2017 Studeio Art Senior Independent Study Group Exhibition" and "Leadership Arts in Africa." Both will be up through May 14, 2017.



2017 Studio Art Senior Independent Study Group Exhibition

April 28-May 14, 2017
Sussel Gallery

The Senior Independent Study (I.S.) at The College of Wooster is a year-long project with one-on-one support and guidance by a faculty advisor. For studio art majors, a solo exhibition by each senior culminates this in-depth experience. The senior studio art group exhibition in the CWAM is comprised of works selected from each senior's one-person show.

The Senior Research Symposium is a day-long, campus-wide celebration of Independent Study. Studio art majors will be present in the CWAM galleries during the symposium on Friday, April 28, from 1:00–3:00 p.m. to discuss their projects. Please join us for this special celebration of mentored undergraduate research.

Studio Art Seniors

  • Foster Cheng '17
  • Emily Glickman '17
  • Cassidy Jester '17
  • Mariah Joyce '17
  • Abbey Partika '17
  • Theresa Spadola '17

Leadership Arts in Africa

April 25–May 14, 2017
Burton D. Morgan Gallery

About Leadership Arts in Africa

From divine kingship to initiation societies, many traditional forms of African arts illustrate and support notions of leadership. Masks allow the initiated to connect to potent spiritual forces while conveying the secrets of an exclusive society to neophytes. Regalia highlights the king’s liminal status and connectedness to the gods. Ritual paraphernalia enables religious practitioners to access otherworldly realms.

Leadership Arts in Africa considers the complex interactions between visual imagery and the power systems that promulgate leadership in many African societies. Curated by College of Wooster students enrolled in Assistant Professor of Art History Kara Morrow’s African Art class, this show features over thirty objects selected from the CWAM’s Permanent Collection. Various conceptual categories—divine kingship, local chieftaincy, religious practitioners, and graded societies—comprise the exhibition and challenge our understandings of art’s capacity to inform power structures in varied communities.

Kara Morrow, Assistant Professor of Art History
The College of Wooster

Student Curators

  • Jarrett Art ‘19
  • Mackenzie Clark ‘19
  • Michael Herman ’17
  • Claire Ilersich ‘17
  • Kate Longo ‘18
  • Margaret O’Mara ‘20
  • Amrin Remtulla ‘19
  • Donyea Ruffin ‘20
  • Natalie Souleyrette ‘19
  • Harrison Uhall ‘17
  • Emily Walker ‘17
  • Alex Wendt ‘17
  • Grace Williams ’18