Hyung S. Kim

"Kim Julja, Dodu Jeju," 2013 by Hyung S. Kim is one of the works in "The Ocean After Nature," September 11-November 8, 2018 at the CWAM. Above: Hyung S. Kim (b. 1965, South Korea), "Kim Julja, Dodu Jeju," 2013; Digital photograph on canvas; 90 1/2 h x 59 w (inches), Courtesy of the artist and ICI, New York.



The Ocean After Nature

September 11–November 18, 2018
Sussel Gallery and the Burton D. Morgan Gallery
(Closed October 6-15, 2018, for the College's Fall Break.)

Film Screenings*

  • Wednesday, October 24
    Renée Green, Endless Dreams and Water Between, 2009,
    and The Otolith Group, Hydra Decapita, 2010

  • Wednesday, November 7
    Ulrike Ottinger, Wasserwege (Waterways), 2011
    Film Discussion Facilitator, Mareike Herrmann,
    Professor of German and Film Studies

*All screenings take place in Ebert 223, from 7:00-9:00 p.m.
You must be 18 years or older to attend screenings.

The Ocean After Nature examines how the seascape is shaped in an era when human beings have become the driving force in the development of the planet. Through the work of nineteen artists and collectives, the exhibition explores new ways of representing the ocean as a means to identify and critique such interrelated and chaotic systems of power as land-sea divides, the circulation of people and goods, physical and psychological displacement, utopian mythologies, and the vulnerabilities of our ecosystems.

The exhibition traces critical changes in our relationship with the natural world specifically through the frame of the ocean—the fluid network that connects vast parts of our environments, and the very site from which all life originates. Instead of offering direct solutions, The Ocean After Nature employs aesthetic imagination to encourage a rethinking of our place in the world.

—Alaina Claire Feldman


Ursula Biemann, CAMP (Shaina Anand & Ashok Sukumaran), Julia Christensen, Yonatan Cohen & Rafi Segal, Mati Diop, Drexciya, Peter Fend, Manuel Gnam, Renée Green, Peter Hutton, Hyung S. Kim, Manny G. Montelibano III, The Otolith Group, Ulrike OttingerMaria D. Rapicavoli, Carissa Rodriguez, Allan Sekula & Noël Burch, Supersudaca, and UNITED BROTHERS.

About the Curator

Alaina Claire Feldman is a curator, writer, and former Director of Exhibitions at Independent Curators International (ICI). Currently, she is the Director of the Sidney Mishkin Gallery at Baruch College, New York. Her projects and research focus on the relationship between identity and globalization, and on geographic and thematic areas that have been neglected by traditional and canonical art history.

The Ocean After Nature is a traveling exhibition produced by Independent Curators International (ICI), New York. The exhibition and tour are made possible, in part, with the generous support from ICI’s International Forum and the ICI Board of Trustees. The presentation of Julia Christensen's work at Wooster has been organized in collaboration with Kitty McManus Zurko, CWAM Director/Curator.