Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon

Senior Intern

Department/Affiliation: Office of Admissions
Phone: 330-263-2322


Boardman, Ohio


Political Science- International Relations Concentration (major) & Middle Eastern and North African Studies (minor)

Independent Study Topic

The timeline that it takes for the United Nations to intervene in State Sanctioned violence.

Junior Independent Study Topic

I researched how countries are able to effectively implement anti-human trafficking policies. My paper was titled "The Two-Tiered Game: Effective Implementation of the United Nations Human Trafficking Protocol"

Other Research 

While I was abroad in Morocco through SIT (School of International Training), I conducted a research project where I looked at how cultural and ethnic identity affected Moroccan Politics. My title for this “mini I.S.” was the Role of Identity in Moroccan Politics.

Activities on Campus

President of the Wooster Volunteer Network, Great Decisions of Wayne County Program Committee Member, Executive member (Secretary) and Diversity Chair of Pi Kappa, Allen Scholars Leadership Board.

Favorite Wooster Tradition

The signing of the Wooster Ethic at the beginning of each school year, this reminds me of how important community, respect, and ethics as a student at the college continues throughout all four years. 

Favorite Spot on Campus

On campus it's the Pit- I can study, hang out, and sleep in the pit without feeling uncomfortable. 

When I need a break from campus, I love going to Broken Rocks for a meal, or even just dessert with some friends! They have the BEST fresh bread and local foods.