Amyaz A. Moledina

Amyaz Moledina

Associate Professor - Economics & Business Economics [Department Chair], Global and International Studies, Co-Founder of Social Entrepreneurship Program

Office: Morgan 210
Phone: 330-263-2287


  • B.A., Macalester College (Mathematics and Economics)
  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota (Applied Economics)

Courses Taught

I.S. Projects

  • Samuel Susanin '13 Asymmetric Information, Adverse Selection, & Contract Adjustment in the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (Cmbs) Market.
  • Lauren Grimanis '12 Inclusion of Gender in the Management of Water Resources in Rural African Communities
  • Laura Valencia '12 Study Abroad, Intercultural Friendships, and Transformation of Self and Society
  • Sadaf Asrar '11 Sowing the Seeds to a Higher Consumption: a Study on the Impact of Access to Formal Savings and Credit Mechanisms on the Economic Portfolios of Farming Households
  • Tracy A. Duhaney '11 International Trade and Its Impact on C02 Emissions
  • Hillary Darragh '09 An environment for innovation: the relationship between intellectual property rights, R&D and innovation.
  • Matthew Jones '05 Examining the impact of the East Asian crisis on household savings in Indonesia. Available at The Rand Corporation

Awards and Professional Memberships

  • "Paul Harris Fellow", 2012
  • "Mentorship Award", International Students Association, Wooster 2006.
  • "Nominee: Teacher of the Year", Bates College 2002.
  • American Economics Association
  • Eastern Economics Association
  • INFER Research


Published in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Eastern Economics Journal, and Water International. View a full list of publications.